Wednesday May 16, 2012

EVGA "Mini-Recall" on GTX 670

We mentioned earlier that we were getting word that EVGA was pulling back some GTX 670 products for the channel and that is specifically the case. Here is exactly what EVGA had to say:

EVGA has isolated this problem to an early batch of GTX 670 Superclock cards (P/N: 02G-P3-2672-KR) that were not properly screened during QA/QC procedure. We have already been working with our partners to retest this particular batch. In the meantime, our R&D has also done numerous tests, burn in and component quality verification to confirm that the EVGA GTX 670 Superclock is a well designed product.

If any of your users are experiencing issues with their EVGA GTX 670 Superclock boards, please ask them to email Jacob Freeman, and he will assist in getting them setup with an RMA cross shipment along with EVGA upgrading them to the GTX 670 FTW version (P/N: 02G-P3-2685-KR) for the inconvenience of this.

So, "EVGA has not recalled its 670 product line," as Joe Darwin with EVGA put it, but EVGA has identified some bad product in the field which it is bringing back in from etailers. EVGA was not forthcoming with what exactly "this problem" with its products is or how it is identified.