Wednesday November 09, 2011

Modern Warfare 3 Graphics Suck?

As you know we like a promising new game that comes equipped with immersive graphics and great gameplay. (Battlefield 3 Single Player Performance and IQ Review, Battlefield 3 Preview Performance Preview, Battlefield 3 Open Beta Performance and Image Quality, Deus Ex: The Missing Link - Performance and IQ Review) And we generally hate ones that don't. (RAGE Gameplay Performance and Image Quality) Looks as if MW3 falls into the latter category. frown Brent has been evaluating the game and sent me this email last night:

Modern Warefare 3 graphics suck

We’ve looked into Modern Warefare 3 and I don’t think we should do any articles on it, would be a waste of our time. The game runs at 150 FPS on a GTX 570 at 2560 4X AA and max settings. It is the same old engine we’ve seen in previous Call of Duty games, DX9, low quality textures, created for the xbox and ported to PC, nothing special about it, no need to waste our time writing an article on performance in it.

So heres hoping the gameplay is effin awesome, because otherwise, and which I think will be the case, MW3's regurgitation of old is going to get boot stomped by BF3.