Monday August 16, 2010

BFG Not Accepting RMAs, Fermi Blamed For Company Liquidation

Long time [H] reader "Spare-Flair" gave us a heads up yesterday that BFG is liquidating its business and no longer accepting RMAs. When we originally broke this story back in July, BFG planned to continue selling power supplies and gaming systems but, once the carpet was pulled out from under the company’s GPU business, everything else seemed to follow.

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BFG’s problems were largely graphics card related, but not related to GTX200. Sales and profit margins on that card were quite good actually. The biggest problem was GTX400 (Fermi) allocation. And the only reason they continued to sell power supplies after they got out of the graphics card business was because there were power supplies to sell. But they couldn’t sell them as quickly as they had been used to because once Best Buy caught wind of BFG not being able to supply graphics cards, they dropped selling their power supply product line as well.