Wednesday June 09, 2010

NVIDIA's Immediate Roadmap Rumors

Following on the heels of Computex we are still getting GPU information. We all know that NVIDIA just launched its GTX 465 part, which was met with a lot of "Huh?" and "Meh." Honestly, we did not feel as though the GTX 465 was worth investing the time and money into reviewing to show our readers something that will not interest you. The Radeon 5850 is still holding its value in that segment. Have no fear though. In mid-July we will be seeing a "460" or "GF104" GPU from NVIDIA. It should MSRP around $230 and have very good overclocking potential. This will effectively kill the 465 for any of our readers, if it has not already committed silicon suicide on its own. The 450 and 455, "GF106" series GPU will hitting the ground in mid-August and will be retailing at $129 - $179 price points. No word on performance yet, but these GPUs will be replacing the 250 series. Even less interestingly the 240 will be replaced in August or September by a "GF108."

Those of you that were thinking the GTX 465 would be your savior when it comes to Team Green have likely already given up hope. The 460 however looks like it could possibly be the wolf in sheep's clothing that NVIDIA value shoppers are wishing for. We have learned how to spot a green turd though, as those are usually preceded with NVIDIA silence. Unlike the 465 that NVIDIA never discussed with us; hopefully NVIDIA will not be ashamed of this 460 product.