Monday November 30, 2009

Eyefinity Not Using Active Adapter

I saw this post in the HardForum pointing to this WideScreenGaming forum thread. It is interesting because the OP is discussing using a passive DisplayPort to SVGA adapter in order to get 3x1 Eyefinity working. As we all know, an active adapter is required for successful DisplayPort to DVI Eyefinity. But it does certainly seem a less expensive passive adapter can be used for an SVGA connection. We pointed out the thread to Eyefinity Godfather Carrell Killebrew at AMD and this is some of what he had to say.

The capability was built-in to SunSp*t but as things got closer and closer to launch we had to focus on what we knew we could deliver (within that time-span). Where things ended up w.r.t VGA was that there were so many possible resolutions, refresh rates, older displays, etc. that we punted and declined to specify scenarios that could use VGA. There are modes in SunSp*t that are useful, but the number of possibilities vastly exceeds our ability to verify they all work.

There are "opportunities" to experiment and discover what does and doesn't work.

So while SVGA is not exactly what many Eyefinity users will find to be preferred due to technical limitations, it might get you into Eyefinity at a lower price point for the time being. Remember this is not officially supported by AMD, so your mileage may vary.

And yes, "SunSp*t" is Eyefinity's internal code name.

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