Monday November 23, 2009

More Fermi Rumors - Not Good

NVIDIA had a big get-together in Hong Kong last week where a lot of the NVIDIA upper brass was on hand. It is being rumored that the first "Fermi build kits" were supposed to be prepped to go out to AIBs but NVIDIA missed the mark on having its Fermi tech ready to pass off to builders. We also heard the "Gemini" name being batted around as well and this seems to be connected to a dual GPU Fermi card. We still feel as though NVIDIA is aiming for getting Fermi shipping by the last week of February, but still think it will miss this mark. HardOCP's best guess right now is late March with any quantity to speak and we are still giving NVIDIA about even odds of marking March. April 2010 is looking more reasonable to us at this time.