Monday November 02, 2009

Fermi Working Samples for CES?

As the Consumer Electronics Show grows near, NVIDIA partners are having to get their ducks in line for the upcoming show in the second week of January. However many are asking, why exactly they should be there spending hard earned money with nothing to show off except rebadged parts from generations past? Certainly the 8800 GTX / GTS 250 has seen many CES presentations before. We have word from several different sources that NVIDIA is doing its best to have "working" Fermi-based video cards to show off for CES. We are unsure as to what level they will be shown working, if at all, but for all you NVIDIA fans, this is certainly something good to hear.

Even given a best case scenario for NVIDIA, we here at find it hard to believe that NVIDIA will get any "real" amount of product to market by March of next year. Worth mentioning also NVIDIA has yet to speak one word to us about the gaming abilities of the Fermi GPU. It makes us think that NVIDIA does not even know yet.