Thursday July 23, 2009

Win 7 RTM Gets Lots of Intel Love

If you are wondering why guys like me are seeing some really good scaling on Intel Core i7 processors with Windows 7, here are some of the reasons why. Glad to see these guys talking more about collaboration.

Working with Intel, Microsoft implemented a new feature called SMT parking, which added support for the Windows 7 scheduler for Intel Hyper-threading Technology, enabling better performance on hyper-threaded, multi-core Intel processors. This will help users get the maximum benefit from multi-tasking. Also, Intel and Microsoft jointly analyzed the boot/shutdown/sleep/resume times on Intel platforms during the development of Windows 7 to identify opportunities to optimize Intel drivers and BIOS as well as Windows 7. Our mutual goal was to provide the most responsive compute experience possible. Another key part of the performance and responsiveness was our collaboration to optimize Intel Solid State Drive technology for Windows 7.