noblechairs HERO Series Office and Gaming Chair Review

noblechairs impressed us with its ICON series office chair, and now it is back with its HERO series chair. The HERO is built with the same attention to detail that the ICON is, but it is built for larger guys and has an upgraded list of features, along with a bigger price tag. We used the HERO for a month and here are our thoughts on it.

noblechairs HERO Office and Gaming Chair

noblechairs is no stranger to HardOCP as it provided us with one of our favorite chairs that we reviewed just over a year ago. The ICON Series desk chair is still used daily around here and has stood the test of time. The ICON is actually the first chair we reviewed that we gave a Gold Award to. As you might expect, when noblechairs reached out to us, and offered us a review unit of its new HERO series office chair, we jumped at the chance. We took delivery of a the HERO BLACK/RED and used it for a little over a month in order to share our thoughts with you here today.

The HERO sells for $439.99 in PU Leather, which is the one we are reviewing today. There is also a real leather HERO which sells for $719.99.

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Here is what noblechairs has to say about its HERO series chair.

Designed in collaboration with esports professionals, the HERO Series is the most feature complete ergonomic office chair from noblechairs yet. A perfect choice for those that spend prolonged hours in front of the computer, this high-quality office chair utilizes an all new integrated adjustable lumbar support, allowing it to be fully customized to your individual needs. Intended to support bigger users, the HERO possesses a taller backrest, wider seat base and larger armrests.

So while this is considered an "office chair," it does have some design elements shared with today's popular "gaming chairs." Thankfully we see that all the garish "gaming chair" elements are missing. Huge bolsters and neon color schemes are nowhere to be found. As noted, the big claim to fame for the HERO series chairs are that these are a bit bigger than the ICON series, while keeping the ICON's adult look.

noblechairs has put together a quick video that will show you the chair from a lot of different angles.

noblechairs HERO Specifications

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