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VIVO 24K 650W Power Supply Review

VIVO is likely not a brand name that you are familiar with when it comes to enthusiast-level computer power supplies. We were not familiar with the VIVO name assuredly and its single PSU offering. All the more reason to put it through our PSU testing gauntlet when VIVO asked us to. Will VIVO regret putting its value brand PSU to the test?


VIVO Technology (C Knapp Sales, Inc) is, perhaps, one of the more eclectic companies that we have seen in our reviews. Originally a wholesaler/distributor dealing in liquidations, surplus, and salvage located in Illinois, VIVO has become something of a Jack of All Trades technology distributor and repair/refurbisher. Perhaps the aspect of their business that our readers may be most familiar with is as a supplier of various laptop repair parts. However, in addition to all of this, VIVO now maintains product lines as diverse as TV mounts, computer desks, projector screens, whiteboards, PC cases, and power supplies. It is that last category, the power supplies, that we are interested in today. The product we are seeing from VIVO today represents their first product line in this space, the 24K product line. The 24K 650W (PSU-650G) we are looking at today is produced in conjunction with SAMA.

SAMA (Guangzhou AOJIE Science & Technology Co., Ltd) is a mainland Chinese brand that we do not see much of here in North America. They are also one of the more recent OEM entrants in the PSU market, among those that we have seen, having been founded in 2003. However, since their founding SAMA has grown considerably and now produce power supplies sold by a number of brands including SilentiumPC, PCyes, VIVO, and their own SAMA brand (among others). To date though, most of these have been lower end products from smaller brands so we have not seen what SAMA might truly be capable of with a bit more backing.

This PSU is for sale on eBay for $76, and Amazon for $73.

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VIVA VIVO Las Power Supply!

Today, we have a double first. We are seeing the first power supply we have ever seen from SAMA and the first power supply we have ever seen from VIVO. Given these firsts, we don't have much to go on today when it comes to historical performance. Therefore, VIVO and SAMA literally have a clean slate. So, about the only thing we can say is that the VIVO 24K 650W will be jumping into a tough market as we have a number of very large, entrenched, players who have been at this longer than either company in this space. However, new blood often brings disruptions to markets, and to order in general, which can lead to innovation and significant savings to users. We certainly hope that is the case today. Before moving on though, let's see what VIVO expects from this unit and perhaps which market this unit will hopefully disrupt:

New 24K 650W 80 Plus Gold rated power supply (PSU-650G) from VIVO. Designed for lasting performance and reliability, this power supply is made with top quality components to ensure continuous clean power delivery and long life. The 650 watt real power output is enough to easily power a high end gaming computer with dual graphics cards, and the simple to use fully modular flat cables reduce clutter while improving airflow in your system. In addition, the 80 Plus Gold rated efficiency combined with a large 120mm fan will provide quiet operation and help to reduce your power bill. Our "U-style" chassis design is both durable and eye-catching, with an appearance that will look great in any windowed PC case.

So, this all looks very much like a unit targeted a bit above mainstream units, moving into the enthusiast realm, and at a rather popular 650W capacity. Moving on then, let’s see what we can expect when a user purchases the VIVO 24K 650W power supply in retail in terms of documentation, accessories, cable count, rail layout, output characteristics, and general build quality.