Intel Core i5-7600K Naked Die Installation with Water Block

After our recent experiments with delidding and relidding our 7700K and 7600K to see if we could get better operating temperatures, we decided it was time to go topless! Popping the top on your CPU is one thing, and getting it to work in the current processor socket is another. Get out your pocket knife, we are going to have to make some cuts.

Kaby Lake Coverage

We have been having a blast with our new Kaby Lake processors lately, surely trying our best to break them! To bring you up to date, here is a listing of our previous outings with Kaby Lake overclocking and cooling.

Let's Get Naked

After the 7600K delid review, more than a few [H]ardForum members suggested that we get rid of the Integrated Heat Spreader altogether. And quite frankly that sounded like a great idea, so we moved forward on getting that done yesterday. I videoed the whole process in order to give you an "Along for the Ride" presentation. That was you get to see exactly what happened along the way.

The video about 20 minutes long and you will likely find it interesting if you are an enthusiast. As usual, since this stuff is 100% totally unscripted, I misspeak a few part numbers time to time, so cut me some slack.

The Bottom Line

If you want to run your new Kaby Lake processor with a naked die in the search of better cooling and overclocking, you have a couple of hoops to jump through. You will need to shim up your CPU as well as do a bit of surgery on the motherboard's socket as well if you have a "flat" water block configuration. However, even after we carved up the socket to run naked, it should not impact your motherboard working as it normally would with the CPU retention clip back in place. That said, always take extra precaution when using razor knives around your PCB and socket ounce of prevention and all of that.

I do have some more tuning to be done with our mounting to get it perfect, so I will likely be getting back to you next week with overclocking and temperature results.

Good prices to be had on 7700K processors this week through eBay as well.