Kaby Lake 7700K vs Sandy Bridge 2600K IPC Review

There are many HardOCP readers that are still running Sandy Bridge CPUs and have been waiting with anticipation of one day upgrading to a new system. One of the biggest things asked in the last month is just how the 2600K stacks up against the new 7700K processor. So we got hold of one of our readers 2600K systems and put it to the test.


Multimedia Testing

Outside of gaming and encoding, there are few applications on the desktop that will push our systems to the limits, this especially becomes apparent when we start talking about multi-core processors that are now the norm. Some multi-thread aware encoding and content creation applications are starting to reach into all available threads and truly utilize the processing power of these multi-core CPUs.

The benchmarks below all represent very real world situations just like you would run into at home while encoding video from your camcorder - or while using a picture or video editing program - or while encoding music for your phone - or encoding a video for saving it to your hard drive or mobile device to allow you easier access to the content. We have included WinRAR, a very popular compression program used by many when sending or sharing files.

We have also included the synthetic Cinebench R15 and POV-Ray benchmarks as well that should give you an idea about how 3D production programs will perform when rendering scenes.

We have simply timed our various tests on the different systems and supplied you with the amount of time it took for the system to fully build the file. SSD Scratch drives and SSD OS drives were used properly as well to make an attempt to not bump into any IO bottlenecks.

Cinebench R15

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Cinebench sees a 24.403% increase with the Kaby Lake processor.


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The 7700K presents us with a 26.9% decrease in rendering time.


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With HandBrake we again get a 26.588% percent decrease in rendering time for the movie.

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Again in this rendering example the 7700K rewards us with a 26.042% decrease in rendering time.


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This is the Blender benchmark used by AMD at its New Horizon event. After we dug around a bit, we were able to verify the results that AMD showed us pertaining to the render time, which matched the Ryzen at 3.4GHz shown at ~35.5 second render time. The Ryzen processor used was an 8 core / 8 thread CPU.

In this example our 7700K delivers a 29.577% faster render time than our 2600K.


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LAME is very much single thread and our 7700K delivers a 9.091% decrease in encoding time.

WinRAR 64-bit

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In WinRAR the 7700K shows a 20.28% decrease in zip time.