Kaby Lake 7700K vs Sandy Bridge 2600K IPC Review

There are many HardOCP readers that are still running Sandy Bridge CPUs and have been waiting with anticipation of one day upgrading to a new system. One of the biggest things asked in the last month is just how the 2600K stacks up against the new 7700K processor. So we got hold of one of our readers 2600K systems and put it to the test.



I am going to handle this review much like we did the Kaby Lake vs Skylake ICP Review. If you are reading this it is highly unlikely that you need much verbiage about the benchmarks and what those represent, so I will keep the chatter to a minimum.

Synthetic Arithmetic Benchmarks & RAM Bandwidth

SiSoft Sandra 2016

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7700K gives us a 26.602% arithmetic increase.

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The Kaby Lake and its DDR4 2666MHz gives us a 18.589% increase over the Sandy Bridge's DDR3 2133MHz.

Hyper Pi

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In this single threaded arithmetic benchmark we see near parity in that Kaby Lake represents a 2.108% decrease in score.


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In wPrime we see the 7700K decrease our time by 7.886%.