Streacom DB4 Fanless Aluminum Chassis Review

This case review is for all of you mini-ITX system builders out there that may be looking for something a bit different than the normal case....that looks like a computer case. The Streacom DB4 fanless chassis may be exactly the HTPC case that will grace your living room....with grace.


Today we are reviewing Streacom's DB4 Fanless Chassis.

Streacom might not be a big name in the enthusiast community but, when it comes to fanless / silent computing, the company has built a solid reputation over the last six years. In addition to fanless chassis, the company also manufactures fanless power supplies and a host of accessories for it broad range of cases.

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From the company's "About Us" page:

Streacom was founded in 2010 by a small but experienced team that shared a common vision of producing uniquely designed and engineered computer cases. With our head office in Holland and manufacturing base in China, we entered the market by focusing on SFF and passive cooled products all made from premium grade aluminum. This combination of premium quality and compact design has established Streacom as a global player in the PC component market and earned us a reputation for making stylish well-crafted products. Our mission is to design, engineer, manufacture and supply a range of computer products and accessories that push the boundaries of form, function, quality and value.


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The subject of today's evaluation is the Streacom DB4 fanless chassis. From the company's product page:

The DB4 is a design masterpiece featuring a bisymmetrical design that blurs the lines between technology and art. Every element of this case subtly screams premium, from the 13mm thick extruded aluminum side panels to the precision CNC’d internal frame, all perfectly blended together with our characteristically understated design tone. Key to its design are the identical sides of the case which serve both as the striking monolithic exterior and the convection surface (or heat sink) for component cooling and is the basis of its fanless operation.

Initial inspection confirms the company's claims of being a very handsome chassis with a minimalistic design and a unique artistic style. That said, let's dig into this chassis and see if it is as functional as it is stylish.

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Product Packaging

The Streacom DB4 was shipped in its bare product packaging and, aside from a few minor scuffs acquired during the shipping process, the case arrived without so much as a scratch. The outer packaging is constructed of single-walled folded corrugated cardboard that is glued along the seems The overall measurements are 13"H x 13.5"L x 13.5"W.

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The inner packaging is all black with features the name and company logo printed in white. The overall measurements of this inner box is 12"H x 13"L x 13"W. The case itself is shrink wrapped in thick plastic and held in place by extremely thick black closed cell foam inserts.

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While we normally do not talk about packaging beyond a basic description, size and condition when it arrives, we wanted to take a moment to say that the packaging for the Streacom DB4 is easily the best we've ever seen. The outer box protects the internal packaging. The extremely thick closed cell foam inserts protect the actual case and the way the inner packaging "unfolds" to give you access to the DB4 is genius.