AMD & NVIDIA GPU VR Perf. - Please State Your Name

Please State Your Name is not a game, it is not really an "experience" either, but rather a short film done in a Virtual Reality world, which puts you right in the middle of the story. This genre of VR is where AMD has been putting a lot of its resources. Can we expect the Radeon RX 480 to show us its VR prowess once again?

What is Please State Your Name?

Please State Your Name uses the Unreal Engine 4 and will be the 13th GPU-intensive title added to our VR Leaderboard and requires use of an HTC Vive system. PSYN is not a game or an "experience" but rather a short film done in Virtual Reality that tells you a story that is about 8 minutes long. PSYN is available for free on Steam. The developer is StudioDisrupt, and here is what they have to say about their film.

Experience an animated film, told completely in Virtual Reality.

Set in a cartoon sci-fi world. A small robot head that can only speak the words, 'Please State your Name', desperately tries to escape a dangerous garbage facility.

That's all you get. Considering its FREE, you have very little to lose, so we gave it a go!

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Jak Wilmot, a 19 year old film maker from Atlanta, is the founder of StudioDisrupt, and the main driving force behind Please State Your Name. If you would like to read a bit more about Jak's journey in VR film making, you can check out one of this blog posts here.

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I am not going to go into the story much, or post a bunch of pictures because I do not want to spoil the experience of seeing it yourself. The film is about 8 minutes long. There are a couple of different camera modes, moving and non-moving. Some folks were having motion sickness issues, so non-moving mode was implemented as well as adding smoother transitions between scenes. I had zero issues with moving camera mode, but it made my wife feel a bit "dizzy." You can watch the entire film and never move your feet, but if you have a room scale environment, you can move around the scene and walk up to the characters, which is actually pretty cool.

I have probably watched Please State Your Name at least 25 or 30 times this week. Honestly, once I decided to use this film for the a review, I thought that it was going to be a real grind, just because of seeing the same exact non-interactive experience time and time again. But it did not turn out that way. Each time I watched PSYN I got drawn into it, and caught onto things that I had missed or not noticed in the first few showings. So if you give PSYN a go, watch it a few times, move around the environment, and pay attention to what the robot heads are actually saying. You are likely going to get more out of it than you did on the first run.