Seasonic Flagship PRIME 750W Power Supply Review

Seasonic has never been big on marketing-speak. Outside of its impressive specifications, and a list of features, this is all it has to say. "The creation of the PRIME Series is a renewed testimony of Seasonic's determination to push the limits of power supply design in every aspect." Let's see if that is true, or the shortest sales pitch ever.

Editor's Note: As I wrote in the above intro, Seasonic has very little to say about this new PSU. It is interesting because this is the first new PSU we have seen from Seasonic in just over a year. Seasonic does not "willy-nilly" bring products to market, and the company has always counted on those products to market themselves for the most part, and those have. Out of the 21 Seasonic computer power supplies we have reviewed since 2007, 19 of those have been Editor's Choice Award winners, with 11 of those being Gold Awards. When it brings a new PSU to market, we generally have very high expectations, and we do today as well. Seasonic's biggest job around here is impressing us as it has already raised the bar so very high. We take notice when we see a new PSU from Seasonic, and I think you should too.


In the power supply realm, when consumers think of quiet and efficient power supplies one of the first companies that comes to mind is Seasonic. Today, we are looking at a brand new Seasonic unit that is part of their new flagship PRIME series. In this review, we will specifically be looking at the 750W model (SSR-750TD Active PFC F3) from this series.

Seasonic is one of the older companies producing consumer power supplies having been founded in 1975 and entering the PC power supply production market in 1980. During that more than 30 years as a company Seasonic has cultivated lines of power supplies that are today some of the standard bearers for efficiency and quiet computing. This focus, and its reputation for quality, has lead to an explosion in production as Seasonic can be found providing OEM services on various model lines for Antec, XFX, Corsair, PC Power and Cooling, and of course under its own Seasonic brand.

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Is it PRIME Time?

Today's Seasonice PRIME 750W is the latest in a long line of power supplies that we have seen from Seasonic but it is the first member of the PRIME series we have seen to date. That said, we have seen a number of 750W power supplies from Seasonic and, at various times, some of these units have also represented the current flagship product line that Seasonic was offering. Today, that flagship product in 750W form has returned, at least on paper, as we see from how Seasonic is pitching this unit:

The creation of the PRIME Series is a renewed testimony of SeaSonic's determination to push the limits of power supply design in every aspect. This elegant-looking, exclusive lineup of new products will include 80 PLUSآ® Titanium - in the range of 650 W to 850 W, and Platinum-, Gold-rated units in the range of 850 W to 1200 W, with excellent electrical characteristics, top-level components and fully modular cabling.

The real question for us today will then be, of course, whether or not the PRIME 750W lives up to that hype and the Seasonic pedigree. We have rarely, if ever, been truly disappointed in a Seasonic unit we have reviewed so we are certainly hopeful that today will be no different. However, other "darlings of the ball" have eventually faded so, as they say in investing, "past performance does not necessarily predict future results." Let’s move on now and see what we can expect when a user purchases the PRIME 750W power supply in retail in terms of documentation, accessories, cable count, rail layout, output characteristics, and general build quality.