Streacom FC9 Alpha Fanless Chassis Review

There are more than a few enthusiasts that have been experimenting with the "smaller and quiet is better" end of the computing spectrum the last few years, and because of this more companies are delivering mini-ITX and micro-ITX cases. Streacom is one of those companies looking to shrink the footprint and banish the sound.


Streacom might not be a big name in the enthusiast community but, when it comes to fanless / silent computing, the company has built a solid reputation over the last six years. In addition to fanless chassis, the company also manufactures fanless power supplies and a host of accessories for it broad range of cases.

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From the company's "About Us" page:

Streacom was founded in 2010 by a small but experienced team that shared a common vision of producing uniquely designed and engineered computer cases. With our head office in Holland and manufacturing base in China, we entered the market by focusing on SFF and passive cooled products all made from premium grade aluminium. This combination of premium quality and compact design has established Streacom as a global player in the PC component market and earned us a reputation for making stylish well-crafted products. Our mission is to design, engineer, manufacture and supply a range of computer products and accessories that push the boundaries of form, function, quality and value.


The subject of today's evaluation is the Streacom FC9 Alpha fanless chassis.

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Product Packaging

The Streacom FC9 Alpha was shipped in its bare product packaging and, aside from a ding or two here and there from the shipping process, the case arrived in flawless condition. The box itself is constructed of single-walled folded corrugated cardboard and a slick black sleeve that slides over the entire package. The overall measurements are 15"H x 17.5"L x 7"W.

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The cardboard sleeve that slides over the plain cardboard packaging features the name and company logo printed in white and gray on black. The sides are both open leaving the cardboard packaging exposed on both sides.The case itself is wrapped in a quality fiber bag and held in place by closed cell foam inserts.

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