Founders Edition Early Adopters Paper Tax for 20 Minutes

May 27th is finally upon us and now we all understand NVIDIA's GeForce GTX 1080 Paper Launch. Low stock on the new GTX 1080 is the theme, but at least Newegg held true to the Founders Edition MSRP. And NVIDIA was not going to sneak by this time, not that they thought they could get away with it twice.

Founders Edition Where Art Thou?

While I am not sure where the GeForce GTX 1080 Founders Edition is, I am sure of where it is not. And where the Founders Edition cards are not, is on etailers shelves.

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That is not a totally fair description because the GTX 1080 Founders Edition was there....for something like 20 minutes this morning, then it sold out. In fact every vendor's 1080 FE cards sold out as is shown above.

Just the Facts Ma'am

OK, well if we dealt with just facts this article would probably be pretty damn boring, considering it would be to "The End" by now.

What we can surmise is that NVIDIA had two things in terms of inventory levels for the 1080 FE; those two things are "Jack" and "shit." To even call this a launch day is somewhat of a slap in the face to the computer hardware enthusiast. We reached out to several folks at NVIDIA for comment on actual stocking numbers that Newegg had on hand and came up with no replies at time of publishing this. Of course they would never tell us the number anyway, but we have to ask. NVIDIA's normal reply would rattle off something like, "Well Kyle, we had so many that they were falling off the truck on the way over, and since GTX 1080 is so freaking awesome there is no way we could keep up with demand. We are as surprised as you are." And of course we all know that is a fairy tale at best.

The real answer can be found in the slide that I took a picture of below in Austin, Texas a couple weeks ago. At the time we originally posted it, the small print went unnoticed.

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Well that explains a lot of things! On a serious note, it explains nothing, but even though we do not have solid data on how many 1080 FE cards Newegg sold this morning, we all know it was not "a lot."

This brings us to the "fact" that NVIDIA did get away with charging, what has been called by many as well, an "Early Adopter's Tax for Morons and Egomaniacs," or as NVIDIA puts it, the "EAT-ME."

No AIB partner cards showed their faces around etailer shelves this morning however we did see a couple break silence. ASUS is showcasing its new Strix GTX 1080, and MSI had its whole new line of GTX 1080 cards out on parade. Both company's products look to be promising. Think we will see an out-of-the-box 2GHz Boost clock any time soon? That would be something. But back to bitching and complaining....

The Bottom Line

Not only did NVIDIA show up to the party with too few Founders Edition GTX 1080 cards, it did get its $100 premium for said cards...all 36 of those. It did one thing though that has stayed true with the branding, and that is some early adopters I guess can now be considered "founders." What really bothers me is that it still feels like the GTX 1080 Paper Launch is still going on.


Howdy, we shipped thousands of units.

They'll be replenished daily, although the holiday weekend in the US may affect things over the weekend.

We are getting some reports from [H] readers that have bought the 1080 FE cards. And we are being told that readers are seeing those go in and out of stock, so keep that F5 button handy!