The TITAN X video card has 12GB of VRAM, not 11.5GB, 50% more streaming units, 50% more texture units, and 50% more CUDA cores than the current GTX 980 flagship NVIDIA GPU. While this is not our full TITAN X review, this preview focuses on what the TITAN X delivers when directly compared to the GTX 980.


4K 3840x2160 Performance

On this page we are going to look at apples-to-apples settings in games comparing the GeForce GTX TITAN X and GeForce GTX 980, both reference video cards, reference cooling at 4K now 3840x2160. We are using the latest driver supplied by NVIDIA which is GeForce 347.84 for both video cards. Our standard test system is being used.

VRAM Utilization

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At 4K resolution, once again Dying Light proves to be a game that demands ample amounts of VRAM. Just running the game at 4K with its highest settings yields over 5GB of VRAM used, getting closer to 6GB. Hence our recommendation if you are going to play this game at 4K you want at least a 6GB video card. The 12GB TITAN X has plenty of VRAM to spare for this game. We can't wait to try it with TITAN X SLI and see what it can really do at 4K.

Even Watch Dogs using simple Temporal SMAA, which doesn't eat VRAM like MSAA still can pull well over 4GB of VRAM at the highest in-game settings at 4K. It is nearing 5GB, so 4GB cards definitely bottleneck this game too.

In a crazy test we decided to take Watch Dogs and FC4 up to 8X MSAA at 4K. You can see these are nearing 8GB of VRAM consumed at those settings. Now, it isn't playable on this single-GPU video card, but it might be with TITAN X SLI. This shows you'll need at least an 8GB video card to enjoy the games with SLI. The TITAN X therefore has an ample supply for those kinds of settings.

FC4 with "Ultra" settings and SMAA is also nearing 4GB. Turning this game up to maximum settings may go over the 4GB limit, again showing the need for higher VRAM capacity cards at 4K.

Dying Light

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At 4K the percentage difference increases, we are seeing the TITAN X perform 36% faster than the GTX 980.

Watch Dogs

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The GeForce GTX TITAN X is 33% faster in this game with the highest in-game settings.

Crysis 3

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The TITAN X is 34% faster in this one.

Battlefield 4

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About 30% faster at these settings at 4K.