FSP AURUM PT 1000W Power Supply Review

FSP is stepping its game up with its latest 1000 watt computer power supply. The new AURUM PT 1000W PSU comes to us touting full modularity, "Unique Airflow Technology," and "E-Sync Remote Sensing." This one is not for sale yet in North America, but you will know if it is worth its asking price when it finally arrives.



The FSP AURUM PT 1000W is the first member of FSP's revamped AURUM line that we have seen. It is, also, just the second AURUM based power supply from FSP directly we have seen but the last unit, the AURUM PRO GOLD 1200, was a good unit. So, FSP has a decent start with this design in our experience but that experience is limited and the real question will be can this revamp hang with other similar 1000W units? So, let's move on and see if the AURUM PT 1000W is a contender or a pretender!

HardOCP’s testing methodology is intended to very much push power supplies to their advertised wattage rating in temperatures that will represent some of the hottest computer enthusiast cases. So if a unit passes all our testing it is definitely not something to take lightly. In fact we expect more power supplies to fail our testing than make it through unscathed.

Build Quality

Today, the FSP AURUM PT 1000W starts things off by following up on the AURUM PRO GOLD 1200's design features and improving on those in a few ways resulting in a build quality that is excellent with few caveats to be found. The exterior of the unit has the same striking look as before but with this unit being fully modular and the trim color changed out to platinum. One of the other changes to the build quality over the previous AURUM PRO GOLD 1200 fixes the biggest miss in the build quality that we saw with that unit. That change involves FSP changing from the previously used bulky flat cables and now those have been swapped out for the standard FlexForce style. Thank you for that change FSP!

Moving to the interior, we find a very similar modern topology as we saw previously which is good. Then, the second improvement in the build quality we see today comes from the component selection which features Rubycon and Nippon Chemi-con standard electrolytics along with solid electroytics from Nippon Chemi-con. We also see a new Power Logic fan, though the details are somewhat elusive on this fan currently. The overall integration is well done on the unit and the soldering is generally well done, though not the absolute best we have seen. This is all backed up by a 7 year warranty and documentation that is once more very close to worthless. We wish that the documentation would improve as much as the build quality did since our last FSP review. All in all though, the AURUM PT 1000W is starting off a bit ahead of the previous AURUM based unit we saw and that kind of progress/change is good to see!

Load Testing

To start things off, the load testing results for the FSP AURUM PT 1000W are all a pass today. In our testing, the 12v rail showed a peak change of 0.13v while the 5v and 3.3v rails showed peak changes of 0.07v. While these values were in specification and these are broadly in line with what we saw from the AURUM PRO GOLD 1200, these only manage to make this unit end mixed compared to the Corsair HX1000i which isn't going to truly impress anyone. After that, this unit trails the Enermax Platimax 1000W, Antec HCP-1000 Platinum, Kingwin LZP-1000, and Seasonic PLATINUM-1050. Those results have this unit starting off in the back of the pack with the Corsair offering so far. The unit's efficiency, however, does do well in our load tests as the unit ranged from 88.87% to 92.21% efficient at 120v and 87.04% to 91.21% efficient at 100v. When we look at the 80 Plus results, we see that, using 80 Plus’s loads and conditions, the AURUM PT 1000W was 90.10%-91.22%-89.31% efficient. While excellent, these values mean that this unit falls short of the 80 Plus Platinum category by ~0.78% at 50% load.

Moving on to the Transient Load Tests, we see that this unit posts values that are passing but only just moving up to truly competitive among similar products not surpassing those products. During our Transient Load Tests, the 12v rail had a peak change of ~340mV and the loaded 5v rail had a peak change of ~140mV while the unloaded 5v rail during the 12v load had a peak change of ~70mV. These results are actually a decent improvement over what we saw from the AURUM PRO GOLD 1200, particularly when we figure in capacity disadvantage that this unit has relative to that previous 1200W unit. Compared to similar products from other brands though, this unit trails the Antec HCP-1000 Platinum but bests the Enermax Platimax 1000W and the Kingwin LZP-1000. In the middle of pack, it then is ending mixed compared to the Seasonic PLATINUM-1050 and Corsair HX1000i. So, certainly, this makes the AURUM PT 1000W solidly competitive if nothing else.

DC Output Quality

When we move over and look at the DC output quality of the FSP AURUM PT 1000W, we see that this unit moves from being in the rear and then middle of the pack to actually running with the lead dogs. During testing, the AURUM PT 1000W put up solid numbers even though the 12v rail did start off at ~25mV of ripple/noise in Test #1. By the end of testing, the peak value on the 12v rail was ~35mV while the minor rails only peaked at ~10mV. The first thing users might think is that these results are good, and that would be correct! This unit bested the Enermax Platimax 1000W, the Corsair HX1000i, and the Seasonic PLATINUM-1050 while ending mixed compared to the Antec HCP-1000 Platinum and the Kingwin LZP-1000 which is extremely impressive. This is quite a good showing from FSP and we see that the AURUM PT 1000W has finally hit its stride in this test.


A few years ago, we saw the FSP AURUM PRO GOLD 1200 and, to date, that unit is the largest capacity unit we have seen from FSP. What makes this pertinent today is that it is related to today's unit and it was not the worst nor the best power supply we have seen at 1200W when it came to noise output. Part of that may have been the fan, and part of it was probably the fan controller. Today, however, the AURUM PT 1000W did a few things different (including the fan) and what resulted was a unit that was quieter than that previous AURUM PRO GOLD 1200 model. Indeed, where that unit became apparent at 75% load AURUM PT 1000W was not apparent in our load testing environment until 100% load. At that time, the unit was not extraordinarily loud either and it would be unlikely to be obnoxious relative to whatever you were doing that was pulling 1000W from the power supply to begin with. As such, this represents another way in which this unit is posting a nice improvement over previous related FSP products and that progress is a good thing.

Paul's Thoughts:

In the past, our experiences with FSP branded power supplies have been mixed with some that were very good units and then some that were not. The last unit we saw in this class was the AURUM PRO GOLD 1200 and that unit sort of set the tone of better quality for today. However, when it came to this unit in particular, I like to think of this AURUM PT 1000W as being that runner in a race that paces at the beginning and steadily overtakes his competition as the race wears on. Indeed, the AURUM PT 1000W started off testing with "just" passing results relative to the rest of the field, though it did post good by absolute value numbers, and then with each set of tests moved it's way up a little bit more until it was finally tied at the head of the pack in the DC output quality. On top of that, FSP also went back after the AURUM PRO GOLD 1200 and addressed some of the build quality issues we saw last time to turn out a product that was significantly better in build quality as well. FSP may not have been listening to our particular feedback individually, but this progress at least shows that someone at FSP was looking at its product line and looking at how to make FSP PSUs better, rather than simply doing things it had been doing with just a bump to the efficiency.

This focus on progressing its power supply lines, though not complete across the board with this particular unit, is certainly welcome and it is good for users as well in addition to being good for FSP's reputation. That all said, there certainly still are ways that this unit could be improved further, like with the voltage regulation, but for today this product has shown growth and that will mean it's real value is going to come down to its pricing.

The Bottom Line

The FSP AURUM PT 1000W is the newest power supply from FSP in the AURUM line that we have seen. Overall, this unit ends up being an extremely capable, passing ATX12v specification at 45C. When all our testing criteria get averaged out however, the FSP AURUM PT 1000W is a middle of the road option among comparable 1000W units. That may not sound like a lot, but this unit does address the issues we saw with the last AURUM based unit when it comes to build quality resulting in an excellent product in that aspect. After that, the unit did post good voltage regulation, better transient load test results, and finally some of the best DC output quality we have seen among comparable units while being relatively quiet. This FSP unit averages out to being in the middle of good competition but one of the best products when it comes to the ripple/noise values we have seen.

Given these extremely solid and impressive results, the AURUM PT 1000W unit's worthiness for recommendation to users is going to hang on the FSP's pricing and whether or not FSP is aggressive with that. Currently, FSP is giving a MSRP of $239.99 for this unit. FSP is also telling us that it will be on etailer's shelves in late March or early April. If the AURUM PT 1000W ends up with a street price of $239.99 then it is a bit of a hard sell relative to competing products but the street price being the same as the MSRP is unlikely. If this unit ends up with a street price of closer to ~$200 then the AURUM PT 1000W becomes a good buy that should be at least a consideration when looking at this kind of product. The best advice we have for readers in the market for a 1000 watt PSU currently is that the FSP AURUM PT 1000W is a quality unit that simply warrants a bit of shopping to get the best price you can. It is a product where value will come in to play a bit more than raw performance.

When it comes to awards, the AURUM PT 1000W is a unit that is worthy of one depending on what it ends up selling for. Once we see it for sale in North America, we will revisit this unit for an award evaluation.

Update - 3/6/2015: The FSP AURUM PT 1000W is now available from Newegg for $229.99 and shows to soon be available from Amazon for $229.99 with Free Shipping. Given that it is coming in $10 below its MSRP is a certainly a positive as we felt it was a bit overpriced. At the $229.99 price we feel as though the FSP AURUM PT 1000W is worthy of a HardOCP Editor's Choice Silver. We feel as though its value would be much better represented at $209.99

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