LEPA MX F1 600W Power Supply Review

LEPA does not have much to say in terms of marketing about its new MX F1 power supply line. Outside of "Racing car style coating" and "Extremely Silent fan," we have very little to go on, except one thing. 600 watts of good PSU power priced at $49.99 with Free Shipping with be a very good value, if it's "good" power.


Torture Testing

The final component of our load testing involves our 8 hour torture test. This test is meant to simulate what gaming or hardware enthusiasts might encounter when they use their systems for extended periods of time under stressful conditions such as 3D gaming or long term stability testing and benchmarking. However though, we do not suggest using your power supply at 100% loads for extended periods of time and our torture test does reflect this. We load the PSU being tested to ~80% of its rated capacity for 8 hours at a temperature of 45c. This is outlined in our testing Methodology should you wish to have more information.

Torture Test Results

As the LEPA MX F1 600W failed during our normal load testing, it was unable to even begin the Torture Test.

80 Plus Load Testing Results

The 80 Plus Compliance portion of this review marks the second revision to our living testing methodology. Readers can read more about this inclusion in our testing here in our methodology section, but briefly we will be examining the compliance of units advertised as being 80 Plus certified with their 80 Plus Test Report. While 80 Plus compliance is NOT part of any official specification for power supplies similar to what is seen with the ATX12v and EPS specifications, it is a widely used advertising talking point that many users seem to use to guide their buying decisions. As such, we will be examining whether units claiming certain 80 Plus specifications really meet these advertised levels. You can also read our editorial about 80 Plus in this article entitled, "Why 80 PLUSآ® is Irrelevant to You When Buying a PSU."

80 Plus Load Testing Results

Since the LEPA MX F1 600W is not certified for any level of 80 Plus efficiency, this testing was not conducted.

Load Testing Audio Impressions

The LEPA MX F1 600W has the right form factor to be a quiet unit with its 120mm fan but it suffers from bad efficiency and a general lack of quality. On that premise alone, it is rather unsurprising that this unit was indeed loud in our load testing when it was surviving. However, it was not the fan noise that was the problem. No, it was the fact that the unit sounded like a stuck pig when we moved to Test #2 at 100v or did the Transient Load Test. For those people who like to complain about coil whine, it wasn't that sound. That sound is pleasant and very low volume compared to this. No, it sounded like the "most annoying sound in the world" and that is not a joke that is the best way to describe the sound (really, I can not emphasize enough that this is what this unit sounded like). So, unless you are watching Dumb and Dumber on loop this is not going to be the power supply for you.