Swiftech H240-X CPU Liquid Cooling AIO KiT

Swiftech's H240-X is not your typical All-in-One, aka "AIO," CPU cooler. It is also a bit more expensive than your usual AIO. It does however deliver to you a tremendously upgradable equipment set that allows its buyers a economical ramp into a fully custom liquid cooling system for your entire computer.


Results: Temperatures

For our stock testing our Intel Core i7 4770K will be kept at 3.50 GHz with a minimal 1.00v. For overclocked CPU testing, we will be running our CPU at 4.4GHz with 1.25v. Idle temperatures will be recorded after a twenty minute period of inactivity. Any fluctuation during the last sixty seconds will reset the timer for an additional five minutes. Load temperatures will be recorded after a twenty minute period for air cooled systems, and 30 minutes for liquid cooled systems, at 100% load. To obtain this load we will be using AIDA64 Extreme Edition v3.00.2500. Any fluctuation during the last sixty seconds will reset the timer for an additional five minutes.

Please note we start our charts at 25C which is the ambient temperature at the time of testing. Since we are not testing an active cooling system such as a chiller or Peltier cooler, it is impossible for the temps to be less than ambient. This is why we start our charts at 25C.

There is one other important point to remember. The fans on the Swiftech H240-X are rated for quiet operation so we also tested the Swiftech radiator using a different set of fans acquired from the Corsair H110. These 140mm fans operate in the same speed range but should give us some idea about additional performance to be had.

Stock Settings

You will notice our charts are a bit different than in previous reviews. In order to accommodate an increasing number of results within one chart I have taken the temps of the four cores and averaged these to give you one concise number.

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The Swiftech H240-X definitely benefits from the larger radiator and fans. At stock settings the Swiftech H240-X is able to cool the Intel Core i7-4770K far below what the stock box cooler offers. Additionally, the fans from the Corsair H110 are able to further increase the performance if by a small amount at non-overclocked settings.

Overclock Settings

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With the CPU overclocked, the Swiftech H240-X with its fans set to the highest RPM setting, it again is able to deliver solid performance and beat out the smaller Swiftech H220-X. It slips a few spots here and again we see the Corsair H110 fans increase performance only a small amount. This surely shows us that the stock Swiftech fans are not only quiet, but also produce a good bit of airflow. We have no doubt that using high speed (and generally noisier) 140mm fans would push the H240-X to the top of the charts. You just have to decide if its worth the noise levels given the already great performance.


To test the sound output of the fan we first start by disabling all other fans in the PC. We place our meter approximately four feet away from the PC by where I sit.

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The fans that Swiftech include with the H240-X can be run even slower than we tested here. Since these are so quiet to begin with, I decided to leave these at teh maximum RPM setting. At this speed the fans create no disturbance in a quiet room. It's impressive to experience this level of silence and as shown by our charts. The Swiftech H220-X briefly held the title of quietest AIO and now that honor belongs to the Swiftech H240-X.