SilverStone Strider Gold 1500W Power Supply Review

SilverStone is a well known name among computer hardware enthusiasts. It has a good record of building solid PSUs, some of those good, some of those great. Today it comes to us with 1500 watts of power in an extremely small footprint, sporting 100% fully modular cables, and claiming extremely good efficiency.


SilverStoneTek is a company best known for its high quality cases but its product lines extend into other components such as cooling, power, fans, storage, and so on. As a company, Silverstone has built up this impressive product repertoire in a very short time having been founded in 2003. Today, however, we are interested in its power supplies which are comprised of the Strider, SFX, Nightjar, Gemini, and Zeus model lines that range from 300W to 1500W DC output. For this review, we are looking at SilverStone’s largest capacity unit available at this time, the ST1500-GS, which is produced in conjunction with Enhance.

Enhance Electronics Co. Ltd. was founded over 20 years ago in 1986. While a major power supply OEM Enhance is not nearly as well known to most users as some other OEMs as its core business focus has been outside of the desktop market in areas such as servers, embedded, and telecom markets. However, its products have started to surface in the US consumer realm in the last year or so under the likes of SilverStone, Silverpower, Antec, Cooler Master, and Thermaltake, as well as the occasional Enhance branded model.

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Can You Still Call it "Petite" if it is 1500W?

Over the years, we have reviewed a number of power supplies from SilverStone including products as big as today's 1500 watt unit. One thing of note, that we have seen recently, is SilverStone's focus on physically smaller units with a few products that are even outside the scope of full size ATX/EPS power supply dimensions. Today though, we are looking at something of a hybrid product within this focus as the ST1500-GS is an ATX/EPS power supply but it is on the smaller end of that form factor. Previously, the 1500W units we have seen have been hulking behemoths that, while fitting the width and height of the ATX/EPS specification, were very long/deep products. Certainly then, a smaller product would be of interest to a number of people but, for us, just because it is a bit shorter does not mean we expect any less from the product. That all said, our previous experiences with SilverStone's truly high powered products have generally been good and we expect nothing less today. Before moving on, let's see what SilverStone has to say about this power supply:

To meet the requirements of current and future desktop computers, SilverStone created the Strider Gold S series power supplies. The Strider Gold S models are all new designs engineered to be the smallest, full-modular ATX power supplies at any wattage levels.

The Strider Gold S series includes wattage range from 550W to 1500W for a great variety of applications. With short depth designs, all models in the series are among the world’s smallest full-modular ATX PSUs. In addition to 80 PLUS Gold level efficiency, the Strider Gold S PSUs are built to meet very high standards in electrical performance with آ±3% voltage regulation, آ±3% ripple & noise, and high amperage single +12V rail. Other notable features included are 24/7 40℃ continuous output capability, low-noise fan, and multiple sets of PCI-E cables. For users looking for a power supply with faultless combination of compact size, performance, efficiency, and quality, the Strider Gold S Series is the only choice.

Let’s move on and see what we can expect when a user purchases the ST1500-GS power supply at retail in terms of documentation, accessories, cable count, rail layout, output characteristics, and general build quality.