ASUS ROG Striker Platinum GTX 760 4GB Video Card Review

Today on our test bench we have the ASUS ROG Striker Platinum GTX 760 wielding 4GB of VRAM and will compare it to the MSI Radeon R9 280 GAMING 3G to determine whether the extra memory makes a difference in real world gaming environments.


Evaluation Method

We evaluate what each video card configuration can supply us in terms of a playable gaming experience while supplying the best culmination of resolution and "eye candy" graphical settings. We focus on quality and immersion of the gameplay experience rather than how many frames per second the card can get in a canned benchmark or prerecorded timedemo situation that often do not represent real gameplay like you would experience at home. Then we will follow with apples-to-apples testing in with minimum, maximum, and average framerates.

Test System Setup

We will be using a ASUS Sabertooth Z77 motherboard, an Intel Core i7 3770K Overclocked at 4.6GHz, and 16GB of Corsair RAM.

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Our selection of comparison cards for today’s evaluation are the MSI Radeon R9 280 GAMING 3G. We selected this card to compare because its street price of $279.99 which very close to the street price of the ASUS ROG Striker GTX 760 which weighs in at $289.99.


For the MSI Radeon 280 GAMING 3G, we are using the Catalyst 14.6 WHQL drivers.

For the ASUS ROG Striker GTX 760, we are using the ForceWare 337.88 WHQL driver. While this is not the most current driver available, there have not been any changes to the driver that will impact the performance of the games within our evaluation.

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