EVGA 500B 500W Power Supply Review

Not everyone needs a huge honkin' 1500 watt computer power supply. In fact many specialty builds need smaller power supplies, but even then is the "cheapest" way to go the right way? Certainly not. EVGA offers up a sub-$50 500 watt PSU that touts Bronze level efficiency so let's see how it fares when put to the test.


As a company, EVGA was founded in 1999, and is well known in the DIY computer industry for its high performance video cards, motherboards, and other computer components. Recently, EVGA has expanded its product offerings to include power supplies which of course draws our interest to it today. Currently, EVGA has a couple of lines of power supplies. Today’s EVGA 500B Power Supply (100-B1-0500-KR) is the smallest capacity power supply that it offers and is produced by HEC.

HEC Group (Heirochi Electric Corporation)/Compucase Enterprise CO LTD is one of the oldest companies in the consumer SMPS business having been founded in 1979. By 1989 HEC had moved into case production, and then in 1997 it began producing SMPS. Today, HEC is one of the largest manufacturers of SMPS and its products can be found under the HEC brand, the CompuCase brand, and the Cougar brand, all of which are retail arms of HEC. In addition to its own brands, HEC has supplied power supplies in the past for Antec, Thermaltake, Xigmatek, and others. Generally, HEC has been known for its entry to mid level products, but with the launch of some of its newer lines under the Cougar brand, it has moved into the high end enthusiast realm.

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Went Home Big Last Time, Came Back Small This Time

Today’s EVGA 500B is the second power supply we have reviewed from EVGA. Interestingly, it is also currently the smallest capacity power supply that EVGA offers. While the first unit from EVGA that we reviewed (the NEX1500 Classified) should have put EVGA into rather rarefied company with such a large capacity flagship unit, today’s 500B puts EVGA into the wheelhouse of people looking for mid-power value units. With so much of this market being dictated by the lowest number that users see in their shopping cart quality is often hard to come by. Certainly since our previous experience with an EVGA power supply was so very disappointing we are hoping to see a significant improvement today. However, improving in a category literally defined by compromises may be difficult. Before moving on though, what does EVGA have to say about this product?

With price and performance in mind, the EVGA 500B is the best value power supply for your next build on a budget. With 80 Plus Bronze standard, over 80% efficiency under typical loads, the EVGA 500B is a great choice. Combining 500W of continuous power and Single +12V High AMP rail design, gain maximum power and efficiency while staying protected with a series of over volt/over current protections all bundled into one!

Given how little we have from EVGA let's just move on to see what we have to look forward to when we purchase the EVGA 500B in terms of documentation, accessories, cable count, rail layout, output characteristics, and general build quality.