Enermax iVektor Mid-Tower ATX Computer Case Review

Enermax has long been an enthusiast brand associated with some of the best computer power supplies made in the industry. Over the last couple of years it has also developed a very strong following in computer case arena with DIYers. Today we look at the iVektor case designed by Enermax and it looks to be a strong contender for your next build.

Who among you isn't familiar with the Enermax brand? The company, known the world over for its impressive line of power supplies (a long time favorite here at [H]ard|OCP), also features a full line of coolers and computer cases, the latter of which is what brings us here today, as we review its iVektor case.

Most of you will remember the last Enermax case evaluation we did here featured the Coenus. The reason that is important is because the inside of the case we are looking at today, the Enermax iVektor, is almost identical to the Coenus. Where things get really interesting is the exterior of the iVektor. Enermax put a special "Soft-Touch Coating" on this chassis that the company claims is able to absorb vibrations, noise, and prevent fingerprints. The iVektor comes in three colors: jet black, passion red, and snow-white but only the white and black versions come with the soft touch coating. Enough with the formalities, let's get down to business and see how this case holds up when the rubber (coating) meet the road.

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Enermax Technology Corporation was founded in1990 by a group of young professional, enthusiastic, and high-tech oriented people in Taiwan . The Enermax founders left high-profile positions from prestigious computer firms, bringing over 10 years of professional experiences to our own.

Now, Enermax is engaged in developing more powerful types of products to serve customers in the future. To provide efficient coordination, after sales services and technical support to customers is our primary purpose. The Enermax R&D department is proud of its strong engineering background. We focus on developing new products for both potential and existing markets. We also emphasize on new product types, product functions, design and quality. Each year, we release an average of 4 new series of products. Our R&D equipments are sourced both locally and imported from Japan. Based on our product development procedure, we have developed a team of experts to ensure that our products are manufactured to the most rigorous and highest standards imposed by the industry.

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Product Packaging

The Enermax iVektor was shipped in its bare product packaging. The box itself is constructed of double-walled corrugated cardboard with a row of dual staples along the seams. The overall measurements are 22"H x 21.5"L x 11"W.

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Enermax has once again skipped the flashy packaging, instead opting for a simple black printed outline of the case on the plain cardboard packaging. The side of the box also features basic product information and a list of specifications. The case itself is wrapped in a plastic bag and held in place by thick styrofoam inserts.

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The box arrived in good shape. Other than a few minor wear marks, the packaging showed no signs of damage. Once again, the product packaging did its job well by protecting the case and contents from damage during shipping.