PC Power & Cooling Silencer Mk III 750W PSU Review

PC Power & Cooling is back on our test bench today and it has been a while. Today it is promising "industrial-grade performance and stability," with "ultimate efficiency," and "ultra-quiet operation" with its Silencer Mk III 750 watt PSU. We put it to the test to see if OCZ has done anything to return its PSUs to your next build.


PC Power & Cooling was originally founded in 1985 by Doug Dodson and specialized in fans, but the company quickly moved into the realm of computer power supplies. Over the years, the PC Power & Cooling name has become most popular from their branding of the Turbo-Cool and Silencer lines of power supplies. That string of 21 years as an independent company recently ended when PC Power & Cooling was acquired by OCZ. Today, we will be looking at the PC Power & Cooling Silencer Mk III 750W (PPCMK3S750) which is produced in conjunction with one of PC Power & Cooling’s new manufacturing partners brought onboard by OCZ, SuperFlower.

SuperFlower Computer Inc is a name that may not be familiar to most of our US readers, but as a company SuperFlower has been designing and producing power supplies, and chassis, since 1991. In 2006, it expanded with the establishment of a new subsidiary factory, Jing Hua Co., Ltd, now handling its increased power supply production. While SuperFlower has not been a high profile OEM in the US, some of its products can be found branded by TTGI, MadDog Media, Kingwin, NZXT, and occasionally SuperFlower itself. One of the distinguishing points spearheaded by SuperFlower units was the inclusion of some of the first 140mm fans, and while for years normally not found as the OEM behind ultra high end brands, SuperFlower has typically made good budget oriented offerings and of late some really good high end units.

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The PC Power & Cooling Silencer MkIII 750W is one of only a hand few of PC Power & Cooling units we have reviewed, but it is the second 750W unit of theirs we have reviewed. That said, the previous 750W Silencer model is years old now and was produced prior to OCZ acquiring PC Power & Cooling so there is not really much in common making any direct comparison somewhat difficult. Now, on the other hand, we have seen a number of 750W units of late (and will have more coming soon) so this is certainly a field where people are actively still moving new products to market and fighting for business. As such, this is going to be a competitive landscape that we find the Silencer MkIII 750W competing in today. Before moving on to see how this unit does in that field, what does PC Power & Cooling/OCZ have to say about this unit?

Offering industrial-grade performance and stability for demanding computing environments, the Silencer Mk III 750W provides ultimate efficiency, stability, and ultra-quiet operation with a modular cable design. Engineered with only premium components, including Japanese 105آ°C capacitors and heavy-duty protection circuitries, the Mk III 750W maintains continuous output at 50آ°C and efficiently delivers power through a single +12V rail, and sporting the Dual Thermal Control System, a sophisticated operation that allows the PSU to switch between normal and silent mode seamlessly. Backed with PC Power’s complete confidence in reliability with an industry-leading 7 year warranty, this PSU offers ultimate peace of mind.

Let’s move on and see what we have to look forward to when we purchase the PC Power & Cooling Silencer Mk III 750W power supply in terms of documentation, accessories, cable count, rail layout, output characteristics, and general build quality.