Intel Ivy Bridge-E Core i7-4960X IPC and OCing Review

We debut Intel's next $1000 Extreme Desktop processor, the Core i7-4960X, this time with Ivy Bridge architecture and a couple of extra cores thrown in for good measure. It is a beast of a CPU for those that can actually harness its power and bandwidth, but how much better is it than Sandy Bridge-E and Haswell at the same clocks?


Gaming Benchmarks

As always, these benchmarks in no way represent real-world gameplay. The graphs show our traditional low resolution approach to using canned gaming benchmarks to highlight CPU differences. All of these are run with a GTX 670 graphics card. We have dropped our Ivy Bridge comparison in our gaming benchmarks due to that test system results being supported with a GTX TITAN video card.

We have recently moved to a GTX 670 GPU which further alleviates any GPU bottlenecks and we are very much seeing our CPU limits.

Lost Planet

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Yes, this original Lost Planet benchmark is very long in the tooth, but it still remains one of the few game engines that tremendously benefits from multicore processor usage. What I did find out very recently was that it will only reach into 8 threads as opposed to the 12 it identifies. So for all intents and purposes what we are seeing here is only 4C/8T being used on all processors.

Not surprisingly the Haswell processor ends up on top. The Ivy Bridge-E and Sandy Bridge-E show no real difference.

Unigine Heaven

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The results here were a bit surprising for us, but solidly repeatable. We have not used Heaven for a long time, and are still getting a bit used to it, but but what we are seeing is not out of place. We see the same scaling below in BioShock Infinite.

BioShock Infinite

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As we saw above, the Ivy Bridge-E processor again greatly outshines the Sandy Bridge-E but is manhandled by the new Haswell architecture.

Metro: Last Light

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And finally we see the same scaling again albeit a bit tighter in this benchmark that is certainly more graphically demanding even at "low" visual quality settings.