NZXT H630 Silent Full Tower Case Review

NZXT leads its H630 charge with the key talking points of, "Clean. Modern. Silent." Surely we think these are thee things that many enthusiast look for when putting together a new system build. Its huge fan support, steel construction, and airflow qualities that are reported to be specifically engineered for silent high performance operation are reviewed here.


NZXT Corporation, founded almost nine years ago in Los Angeles, has become extremely popular with the enthusiast community thanks in large part to its coolers, power supplies and computer cases.

From the company's About Us section:

NZXT, a company built upon gamer's dreams, hopes to create products that put consumers first. With the objective of designing unique products catered for hardware enthusiasts and gamers, NZXT has grown into a globally renowned brand recognized for dedication towards creating the next great gaming product. NZXT has won numerous awards from media and publications from across the globe with a product line spanning from gaming chassis, power, and gaming input devices. As a corporation formed by gamers, NZXT continues to expand into new horizons and push the limits further with each product unveiling.

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On the test bench today we have the NZXT H630 silent full-tower case, the newest member of the company's H series line of computer cases. The company describes the H630 as "Clean. Modern. Silent. Three words to describe the new H, an ear-defining change in the way you experience the PC. Beautifully architected, the new H630 was engineered for one simple purpose: provide enthusiasts the ability to build the highest performing systems while remaining audibly invisible." We'll agree that the case is definitely modern looking and clean, we'll have to put that "audibly invisible" claim to the test though.

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Product Packaging

The NZXT H630 was shipped in its bare product packaging and, aside from a few minor scratches from the shipping process, the case arrived in great shape. The box itself is constructed of double-walled corrugated cardboard with a row of staples along the seam. The overall measurements are 27"H x 26"L x 13"W.

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As you can see from the pictures, the NZXT H630 arrived in a plain brown box. The reason for this is that the case we received was an early review sample, obviously the final product packaging will look much different than what you see here. The case itself is wrapped in a plastic bag and held in place by thick Styrofoam inserts.

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