Koolance EXOS External Water Cooling

Koolance is a name we've all come to associate with OEM style cooling on the cheap. Now, you can take that cooling on the road, from system to system and case to case...without a single modification to your current case.

The Koolance EXOS

Over the last few years we've become very familiar with Koolance and their OEM style water cooling products. We were one of the first to review the original Koolance water cooled case as well as the second, much more stylish Koolance II. Like it or not, water cooling is here to stay, and not just for the reason most commonly associated with water cooling, overclocking. More often than not, in today's world of off the shelf 3GHz CPUs, great cooling that produces low or no noise is sometimes just as important to people as overclocking to get that extra couple hundred MHz out of your processor. It would seem that water cooling has found itself a place in mainstream cooling not only with the extreme overclocking crowd, but with the OEM style coolers like the Koolance as well. We've even used Koolance parts in situations that were very space limited like our water cooled Xbox project, because they fit the bill perfectly. The Koolance systems have turned out to be surprisingly capable and extremely versatile set-ups.

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Koolance realized over time that people who wanted to water cool their PC but lacked the know how, or didn't have the time or energy to do it themselves, had nowhere to turn. Taking advantage of a corner of the water cooling market that had been virtually untouched, Koolance has made quite a name for themselves catering to the needs of PC users who want the added cooling capability of water cooling, the extra آ“oompfآ” for gaming, and the tranquility of a quiet PC.

From Koolance:Technology is driven by innovation. While today's systems continue to push the speed envelope, cooling plays a vital role in performance and system reliability. As we begin to approach the limitations of traditional cooling methods, many industries are focusing on the next evolutionary step. "Legitimate" liquid cooling has long been relatively crude, often requiring components to be purchased individually, and a large compliment of power tools to install. Lacking ease of use and established support, these kits were simply not designed for the general market.

In 1995, Koolance began development on a consumer line of PC liquid cooling systems. As the most sophisticated products of their kind, many unique features were incorporated found nowhere else in the realm of computer cooling. Today, Koolance is the recognized leader in consumer-level PC liquid cooling systems. Providing the most professional products available, we cater to those who desire advanced solutions at impressive prices. After all, Koolance is not only helping the industry, we're also pioneering it.

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Koolance is at it again; this time around they have taken their OEM style cooling and went external with the whole concept. What do you mean by "external"? Simply that Koolance has taken every component of their previous systems and fit it neatly into a self contained overhead unit that bears the trademark Koolance "hood scoop" look, but is no longer built into an entire case. This now allows anyone to purchase an EXOS and basically set it on top of any system they're currently running and within minutes have a complete water cooled PC without a single permanent modification to their current case. When the time comes to move on to a different case or system, you can now take your water cooling system with you.


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The box the EXOS comes in is relatively small at approximately 10" x 6" x 22" and under 10lbs. The unit itself is packed very well to prevent damage, with formed Styrofoam packing to keep the EXOS from being banged around. Very little assembly is required to have your system completely up and running. Removing the EXOS from the packaging, the kit includes:

External chassis that contains the radiator, reservoir & pumps, top cooling module with fans, and LED display. The power control board with slot interface, quick-release valves, user manual, liquid coolant bottle, funnel, tubing (external and internal), attachment strips/pads, and various smaller components. CPU-200G CPU water block.

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First things first, we have the CPU-200G water block. The name alone is somewhat self explanatory, CPU obviously designates that the block is designed to cool the CPU, the 200 stands for 200W of heat dissipation, and finally the G is for Gold. The CPU-200G has a 7 ounce (198.4g) solid copper base plated with 21k gold polished to a mirror finish. The CPU-200G is almost twice the size of the original Koolance CPU water block, sporting measurements of 1.9" x 2.4" x 0.6" (8.2cm x 6.3cm x 2.4cm). Inside the block itself, the surface area in direct contact with the coolant is covered with small pyramid shaped bumps designed specifically to increase the overall surface area as well as to create turbulence, both characteristics that aid in the block's overall cooling ability.

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The CPU-200G can be used on AMD socket 462, Intelآ® socket 370, and Intelآ® socket 478 based mainboards, thanks to a patent pending hold down design that incorporates a different set of inserts for each platform. The hold down device also makes use of a unique آ“ratchetingآ” design that prevents the block from being overtightened and causing damage to exposed core CPUs.