Raidmax Orion Mid-Tower ATX Case Review

Raidmax is a big name worldwide in budget computer cases. Today we have a chance to look at its Orion case that sports a very long list of nice features as well as remembering the important things like air flow, cable routing, and dust control. Do all of these worthy features go along with a lower cost case?


Raidmax, while not quite a household name like Corsair, Thermaltake, or Antec, the company has been a big player in the budget computer chassis market for more than a decade. The company has since expanded with its own line of power supplies and CPU coolers and continues to push the boundaries of case design.

From the company's "About Us" section:

Raidmax was founded in 1988 with the mission of providing the best solutions: specifically, meeting your requirements for innovative designs, excellent performance and quality products. In early 2003, Raidmax was the first to debut the design "Scorpio": an alien eye shape on its general front panel. At the time, it was the best ever hit in the gaming case business and almost every factory had owned at least one similar design back in China. Two years later, Raidmax released another cutting-edge design, Samurai, and people who had seen the case itself instantly fell in love.

It has been more than 10 years since Raidmax began its work on its unique product lines and market position. The name of Raidmax is synonymous to gaming design and budget cases. In the United States, Raidmax is considered to be the best second tier brand; in Asia, it is said that only Raidmax can offer the budget cases with great designs; in Europe, with almost no brand management, Raidmax' followers are still showing their loyal support in many ways.

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The subject of today's evaluation is the Raidmax Orion mid-tower ATX case.

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Product Packaging

The Raidmax Orion was shipped in its bare product packaging but, except for a few minor scrapes and scratches from the shipping process, the case arrived in very good condition. The box itself is constructed of double-walled corrugated cardboard with a row of dual staples along the seams. The overall measurements are 24.7"H x 22.5"L x 11.5"W.

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The front of the box prominently features a hero shot of the Raidmax Orion and product information with a list of features on the back and sides. The case itself is wrapped in a nice fabric bag emblazoned with the Raidmax logo and held in place by sturdy cardboard inserts that are lined with triple-layer polyethylene foam.

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