Corsair Carbide Series 200R Compact ATX Case Review

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy and Corsair looks to remedy that with its Carbide Series 200R; or something like that. Outside of the motherboard installation, no tools required is the message Corsair is looking to get across about this compact size "mid-tower" case.


Corsair is famous for its memory products, but has branched out in recent years with its cooling line, world class power supplies, SSDs, audio components, keyboards and mice, and of course computer cases.

Corsair is a global company bringing innovative, high-performance components to the PC gaming market. Specializing in very high performance memory, ultra-efficient power supplies, and other key system components, our products are the choice of overclockers, enthusiasts, and gamers everywhere. Corsair has developed a global operations infrastructure with extensive marketing and distribution channel relationships. Corsair’s products are sold to end users in over sixty countries worldwide, primarily through leading distributors and retailers.

The subject of today's evaluation is the budget friendly Corsair Carbide Series 200R Compact ATX Case. The company claims these cases are designed for "less work and more play" and, when you build a system with the Carbide Series 200R "the only time you’ll need to pick up a screwdriver is to install the motherboard." We are also very interested in other features too such as the seven expansion slots, USB 3.0, support for up to eight fans and 430mm GPUs.

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Product Packaging

The Corsair Carbide Series 200R Compact ATX Case was shipped in its bare product packaging but, aside from a few minor dings and dents, there were no signs of damage. The box is constructed of double-walled corrugated cardboard that is glued along the seams. The overall measurements are 21.5"H x 19"L x 10.5"W.

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As with other cases we've seen from Corsair, the company decided against all the flashy packaging and slick graphics, opting instead for plain cardboard package with product information, name and company logo printed in black. The case itself is wrapped in a plastic bag and held in place by thick foam inserts.

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