EVGA SuperNOVA NEX1500 Classified Power Supply Review

EVGA did not want to send us one of its 1500W PSU beasts to review, so we went out and bought the $450 behemoth so we could put it through the HardOCP PSU grinder. EVGA clearly states that NEX1500 PSU is all about "no compromises," but we suggest that compromises are exactly what you will be making; more than a few too.


As a company, EVGA was founded in 1999, and is well known in the DIY computer industry for its video cards, motherboards, and other computer components. Recently, EVGA has expanded its product offerings to include power supplies, which of course draws our interest to EVGA today. Currently, EVGA has just one series of power supplies, the SuperNOVA line, composed of four PSUs ranging in price from $99.99 to $449.99. The EVGA SuperNOVA NEX1500 Classified Power Supply (120-PG-1500-XR) is the largest capacity power supply that EVGA offers and is built by the Etasis company.

ETASIS Electronics Corp. is not perhaps a name so familiar to our North American readers. However, Etasis has been producing power supplies since 1996 and has made quite a name in the server and redundant power supply market. While enthusiast products from Etasis in North America are a bit scarce, there have been a number of models sold under Etasis’ own brand over time. Etasis has been builder for Impervio designed PSUs and some SilverStone offerings.

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Go Big or Go Home

Today’s EVGA NEX1500 Classified is the first power supply we have reviewed from EVGA. It is also currently one of the largest capacity power supplies on the North American market, and that puts EVGA in rarefied company. While releasing a 1500W power supply may surprise some people given the relative lack of visibility of EVGA in the enthusiast PSU realm before, it does take something special to make a name for yourself today with so many entrenched brands doing great design jobs and producing simply excellent products. (Previously EVGA’s only truly notable product was the rebadged EVGA Classified SR-2 1200.)

With this in mind, we don’t have much in the way to go by when it comes to EVGA power supplies but since EVGA are starting off at 1500W, and positioning this product as a premium product, we certainly are expecting something special. Before moving on though, what does EVGA have to say about this flagship product?

The EVGAآ® NEX1500 Classified power supply is the next revolution in power supply technology. With ground-breaking performance, features, and power delivery the NEX1500 Classified provides the ultimate tool for powering today’s biggest and toughest systems.

No Compromises

The EVGA SuperNOVA NEX1500 Classified is the ultimate enthusiast power supply. Designed to support the toughest hardware, the EVGA NEX1500 Classified supports ground-breaking new features like SuperNOVA enthusiast software control, Overclock Mode that increases the maximum power output up to 1650W*, and fully modular, individually sleeved cables.

You can also count on EVGA to provide the utmost reliability and performance, with 100% Japanese capacitors and a durable ball bearing fan. The NEX1500 Classified is designed from start to finish to be the best choice for today's most demanding high-end computers. Get to the next level with the EVGA NEX1500 Classified Power Supply!

Continuous Power: Trust EVGA to label all of our power supplies in Continuous Power, the steady power a PSU can output continuously, rather than the amount delivered at its short-lived peak.

SuperNOVA Software: Exclusive SuperNOVA software allows you to monitor voltage, current drawn on each rail, power used, efficiency, allows you to change the fan profile and even adjust the +12V rail!

Single OR multiple 12V Rails: No longer will you have to toil over the decision of choosing a single or multiple rail PSU; the NEX1500 Classified lets you switch modes as you please.

Fully Modular, Individually Sleeved: EVGA delivers the highest quality cables possible, with individually sleeved cables and a fully modular design for optimal cable management and the best looks. On top of that EVGA supplies a massive 12AWG premium power cable!

Let's just move on to see what we have to look forward to when we purchase the EVGA NEX1500 Classified in terms of documentation, accessories, cable count, rail layout, output characteristics, and general build quality.