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    LEPA NEOllusion RGB CPU Air Cooler Review

    By Marc Adams   February 23, 2017

    LEPA comes to us today with a new air cooler that is specifically focused on users that are looking for a little more bling inside their desktop computer build. And while really cool lights may or may not be your thing, we wanted to see just how the NEOllusion performed when it comes to its primary function, CPU cooling.


    Enermax Revolution Duo 700W Power Supply Review

    By Paul Johnson   February 21, 2017

    Two is always better than one, right? Two fans in your new PSU is a win-win? That is the theory behind the Enermax Revolution Duo series of Power Supply Units. Enermax has a long history of producing PSUs ranging from good to excellent. Where will the new Duo fall in line today?


    VIVO 24K 650W Power Supply Review

    By Paul Johnson   February 16, 2017

    VIVO is likely not a brand name that you are familiar with when it comes to enthusiast-level computer power supplies. We were not familiar with the VIVO name assuredly and its single PSU offering. All the more reason to put it through our PSU testing gauntlet when VIVO asked us to. Will VIVO regret putting its value brand PSU to the test?


    Reeven Okeanos RC-1402 CPU Air Cooler Review

    By Marc Adams   February 14, 2017

    The Reeven Okeanos RC-1402 is not exactly a new CPU air cooler, but it is not widely available in the United States so it has not gotten a lot of coverage in North America. The cost for the cooler is not low, and two staggered-sized fans are included in the box, so we have fairly high performance expectations for this twin tower cooler.


    Fallout 4 High Resolution Texture Pack Review

    By Brent Justice   February 12, 2017

    Bethesda has released its official High Resolution Texture Pack DLC for Fallout 4. We will look at performance impact, VRAM capacity usage levels, and compare image quality to see if this High Resolution Texture Pack might be worthy of your bandwidth in actually improving the gameplay experience.


    NVIDIA Video Card Driver Performance Review

    By Brent Justice   February 08, 2017

    We take the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Ti and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 for a ride in 11 games using drivers from the Windows 10 release to the latest drivers in January of 2017. We will see if and by how much game performance has changed over the course of time on NVIDIA GPUs. Have drivers really improved performance?


    ASUS Maximus IX Formula LGA 1151 Motherboard Review

    By Daniel Dobrowolski   February 06, 2017

    ASUS is nothing like Hollywood. ASUS can actually turn out sequels which not only match the originals, but surpass them. ASUS Republic of Gamers Maximus IX Formula is another sequel in the long line of Maximus motherboards. Can ASUS continue its long history of awesome sequels? One things for certain, it’s no Robocop 3.


    FSP Twins 500W ATX Redundant Power Supply Review

    By Paul Johnson   February 01, 2017

    Redundant computer power supplies have been a fixture in the enterprise server market since failover hardware solutions were first conceived to deal with contingency planning and system disaster recovery. FSP has now brought its Twins solution to the enthusiast market, and FSP have done it quite well.