Soul by Ludacris SL150 & SL300 Headphones Review

Rapper Ludacris is the latest celebrity to endorse a line of trendy headphones and ear buds. Will his name and manufacturer Signeo's product design come to signify quality audio products with cutting edge looks or are these just two more pairs of glossy plastic headphones with exaggerated bass beats?


SL150 Retail Packaging

Signeo has designed attractive packaging and presentation for the SL150 headphones. The front panel of the package has an oversized picture of the headphones contained inside. On the back panel, we see the well-known Ludacris and his marketing statement that proclaims that, "If you're getting a proper musical experience, you can feel it in your soul."

There are no technical specifications listed for the product anywhere on the box or the SL150 product page on the manufacturer's website. There is only a list of general product features on the two side panels.

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Inside the box, we found a hard-shelled travel case and a small paper carton containing the product manual, cell phone-compatible stereo cable, standard stereo cable, and quarter-inch stereo adapter. The included accessories were individually sealed in plastic bags while the headphones were wrapped in a foam packing bag before being stored inside the travel case.

Product Appearance and Design

The Soul SL150 headphones are a horseshoe-shaped pair of circumaural headphones. We have seen this particular headphone shape in many of our past headphone and gaming headset reviews, but Soul has added its own distinctive touches that we will explain below.

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The headphones' collapsible design makes these very easy to store for those of you that are "always on the go."

The headband is nine inches in length and it has the Soul logo prominently displayed in large silver letters. The top layer of the headband is made of plastic. During our time previously with the Beats Studio headphones, we were concerned that the very thin plastic top headband would either crack or break completely in two whenever we adjusted or re-sized the product. It actually felt fragile to the touch, so it is unfortunate that the SL150's headband has a similar glossy finish plastic with the same feel.

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The underside of the headband has a very unique quilted design that we have never seen in a pair of consumer headphones. This is a great touch that adds extra comfort and style to the Soul headphones.

At the ends of the headband, we see two small hinges that give the headphones its collapsible nature. The hinges fold inward and outward, not side to side. The headphones cannot be stored flat with the ear cups folded downward. As a result, the headphones may slide when these are placed on a slick or uneven surface.

On each of the SL150's ear cups, we see a thin silver ring with the "Soul" logo inside.

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With the headphones' ear cups extended to full length, we can see a slightly angled design. Angled headbands are designed to relieve some of the pressure that a pair of headphones' weight can place directly on top of the wearer's head. These relocate a portion of the product's weight so that the headphones rest closer to the forehead. We will be sure to comment on the SL150's long term fit and comfort later in this review.

Brushed aluminum is used for the ear cup rails or "sliders" as these are sometimes called. We expected to see a series of notches for incremental sizing purposes, but instead we can feel and hear a number of distinct clicks as we collapse or extend the ear cups.

The ear pads are filled with foam rubber and these are covered with pleather. There is thin layer of mesh fabric in the oval center that keeps dust and dirt from underneath the drivers.

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Once we spotted the driver choice used in these headphones, we were very disappointed. We hoped to see a fifty millimeter or larger driver, but Soul chose to use a more compact forty millimeter size. We anticipate that the high frequency clarity and the bass perception that the user experiences with these headphones will most likely be affected in a negative manner by this design choice.

The small gap that can be seen between the ear pad and the headphone baffle is definitely worth noting. The whole driver swivels on its vertical axis which allows the ear pad on top to contour to the shape of the wearer's head.


Soul Electronics has included some very sharp accessories with the SL150 headphones.

This rigid black carrying case is one of our favorite features to see included with these or any other premium-priced headphones. It has the Soul logo silk screened on its top and bottom and embossed on the handle of its zipper. The front of the case has a carabiner's clip that hangs from a small loop of black fabric. Attaching the headphone case to the rest of your luggage or hanging these out of the way during cramped travel sessions should be quick and easy.

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The audio cables included with the headphones are not as thick or rigid as the cables that Monster includes with its Beats line. These both have some "Soul" branding and shiny gold connectors. There is a webbed pouch sewn into the carrying case's fabric lining for storing the audio cables and stereo adapter.