Corsair Vengeance K60 Keyboard and M60 Mouse Review

Corsair continues to expand its line of Vengeance-branded gaming peripherals with the addition of two new keyboards and two new mice. Today, we evaluate the two products optimized for first person shooters: the Vengeance® K60 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard and the Vengeance® K60 Laser Gaming Mouse.


K60 FPS Mechanical keyboard

Specifications and Features

  • Cherry MX Red mechanical key switches-smooth, linear response and low actuation force, which allows for fast, precise key-strokes in games

    • 45g actuation Force

    • 2mm to actuation and 4mm to bottom

    • Rated for 50 million operations

    • Gold contacts

  • Professional-grade brushed aluminum chassis with laser etched keys

  • Red, contoured, and textured WASD and gaming keys آ– switch out the standard WASD and 1-6 keys for the ultimate precision gaming experience

  • Tuned silicon dome keyswitches: F1 through F12, Esc, PrtScn, Scroll Lock, Pause/Break, Insert, Home, Page Up Page Down, Delete, and End

  • Windows Lock key for uninterrupted game play

  • Six multimedia keys آ– Stop, Previous, Play/Pause, Next, Mute, Volume Up/Down آ— with Solid metal, weighted volume "drum roller"

  • Superior build quality آ– metal top-plate provides unmatched durability and stability, as well as a premium look and feel

  • Professional-grade brushed aluminum chassis with laser etched keys

  • 100% anti-ghosting technology and 20 Key Rollover on USB

  • USB pass-through port on the back of the Vengeance K60 gaming keyboard makes connecting your mouse or other USB devices a simple task.

Some Explanations

When used for competitive PC gaming purposes, keyboards with Cherry MX red mechanical key switches are considered more desirable over those with Cherry MX black, brown, or blue key switches by many. Cherry MX red key switches are the most expensive of the four types because these offer the most linear response and require the least amount of physical force to depress. The other Cherry key types compromise between the amount of audible noise made by the switching mechanisms and the speed at which these spring back against the user's fingertips. In comparison, mass market keyboards generally use much cheaper rubber dome or membrane key sets that wear out quickly under heavy usage.

If you are a professional typist or merely someone who requires the stronger tactile feel that Cherry MX brown and blue keys provide, this keyboard is definitely not for you.

Corsair includes an additional set of ten red key caps for use with the K60. Any or all ten of the red key caps can be swapped with the keyboard's standard black keys. Both the red key caps' color and texture emphasize the most commonly used "gaming keys:" 1-6 and W, A, S, and D. The red numeric gaming keys do not have standard punctuation symbols printed above their numbers, but if you have used any PC or even Mac keyboard for any length of time, this should be a non issue.

The Vengeance K60's brushed aluminum top plate is designed to maintain the keyboard's shape and also to provide it with weighted stability. Heat and moisture in the user's environment tend to warp purely plastic keyboards over time.

The term "anti-ghosting" means that the user can depress multiple keys simultaneously and each key stroke should register correctly. No random or duplicate characters or symbols should appear. The term "20-key rollover" feature goes hand in hand with "anti-ghosting." Most USB keyboards can register a maximum of five or six key presses at one time. If any more than six keys are pressed, these simply will not register as having not been depressed. The Vengeance K60 keyboard was designed to register a maximum of 20 distinct key presses simultaneously so as to accommodate even the most complex key combos imaginable.

Lastly, we do have to point out that the K60 keyboard is not 100% mechanical. The F1 through F12, ESC, and special page function keys are equipped with rubber dome switches. Corsair did this to provide a tactile difference for the user when he reaches outside the boundaries of the keyboard's standard alpha-numeric keys. We will be sure to tell you how these differences in touch affected our experiences with the product.