FSP AURUM PRO GOLD 1200 Power Supply Review

"AURUM" means gold. So today we are showing you the "Gold Pro Gold" from FSP. That is a big name to stand behind. Once past the marketing though, the Aurum Pro Gold looks like a very solid and efficient single rail power supply for the enthusiast needing a heaping supply of wattage in a snazzy looking PSU.


FSP Group is one of the few actual power supply manufacturers and can be found providing OEM services for a number of other brands at various times including OCZ, Zalman, AOpen, Antec, SilverStone, Super Talent, Sigma, and many more. This wide distribution of power supplies by FSP is not surprising given that it has been in business since 1993 and is one of the top 10 producers of power supplies in the world. FSP is also regarded as a manufacturer of basic workhorse type power supplies that "just gets the job done," although some of its previous high powered computer power supplies have been plagued by power quality issues. Previously, we have reviewed a number of FSP power supplies that have been branded by others and a couple of years ago we reviewed a couple of products branded by FSP itself. In the past 3+ years, a lot of things have changed and today we are again seeing a product directly branded by FSP. This particular unit is the 1200W model (AU-1200PRO) from FSP’s AURUM GOLD PRO series.

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FSP Returns, but is it Triumphantly?

FSP’s AURUM PRO GOLD 1200 is just the third power supply that we have reviewed that has been sold under the FSP brand. The previous two units, from its Everest line, were reviewed some time ago and were not the best units we have ever covered. With the passage of a significant amount of time we are looking forward to a new start from FSP branded units. Given some of the newer designs that FSP has been rolling out, compared to those old Epsilon based Everest units for its partners, we have high hopes for today’s AURUM PRO GOLD 1200. Further, not only is this unit coming at 1200 watts, it is also promising us 80 Plus Gold efficiency levels. These two items are the hallmarks that many brands have used for flagship products so we will be interested in seeing if the AURUM PRO GOLD 1200 is indeed a standard bearer for FSP. But first, what does FSP say about this unit:

AURUM Pro Series power supply units is a single rail line-up of FSP Power Supply family with 80 PLUS Gold Certification (>90% efficiency). AURUM Pro Series combines premium quality and efficiency, making it the most ideal choice for those who seek for high performance, reliability and quality at the same time. AURUM PRO series power supply not only smaller in size but also offer best performance and protection to your system. AURUM Pro Series design with dual transformers to maximize efficiency and the arrow-shaped ventilation to provide remarkable air ventilation and super cooling performance. AURUM’s sleek design and unique rugged Granite-Touch finishing makes it a Power Supply you can count on for years to come.

AURUM Pro 1200 provides true single rail 1200W output power, featuring 135mm PWM long life HDB (Hydro Dynamic Bearing ) fan for quiet operation and with Japanese capacitors for reliability. It also comes with Dual high efficiency transformers to deliver stable power and certifies with 80PLUS Gold rating for over 90% efficiency. For those of you that are active power users, system builders, and performance enthusiasts, FSP AURUM Pro 1200 is your ideal solution for your gaming system or current PC upgrade.

Now that we know what FSP expects from this unit, let’s see what we can expect when a user purchases the AURUM PRO GOLD 1200 power supply in retail in terms of documentation, accessories, cable count, rail layout, output characteristics, and general build quality.