Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

AMD [H]ard|OCP FX GamExperience

We recently put on the third "GamExperience" here in Dallas, TX! We invited 600 of our closest friends and 20 companies that crank out some of the best computer hardware in the world and put them all in one room together for some gaming and geek talk. And yeah, free stuff too, about $50,000 worth!

Getting our Game On with AMD

A couple of years ago we did an Eyefinity focus group here in Dallas with AMD and invited 100 folks to show up and play some games on Eyefinity. We called that the Eyefinity Challenge and had folks play some games on single display setups, and then Eyefinity rigs, and give us their feedback. It ended up being a damn good time overall, enough that people were asking about "the next one."

AMD had enough good feedback that it came back to us and asked if we wanted to do another event. I was in, but had some reservations. I had been involved deeply with QuakeCon back in the day and wanted to get some of that "energy" back into our one day event. So we talked to AMD about focusing on "giving back to the community" as a general overall theme and AMD was fully behind this. So was born the AMD HardOCP Texas GamExperience. There was not a big push to "build" the event, HardOCP and AMD just basically got together with Monte Fontenot of CPL production fame and put together a bunch of AMD demos, with a lot of machines to play on and a big tournament structure. We just basically pulled it out of thin air and threw it together in a couple of months. Once word got out, we started getting approached by companies that wanted to know how much it cost to be involved. Our answer was "NOTHING!" Just get your ass Texas and be prepared to "give back to the community" that has supported your company all these years.

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It was a good time had by all. We had tons of AMD hardware to check out and tons of prizes to give away.

AMD HardOCP FX GamExperience

Terry Makedon, Manager, AMD Software Marketing, AKA, "CatalystMaker" was at the Texas GamExperience and was totally blown away by the community participation. We talked then about "doing the next one" and making it bigger and better. And that is exactly what Terry and AMD, and HardOCP did! Again we all went in with the mindset to do an event that was focused on "giving back to the community" that makes so many tech companies successful. This time we again only had about 60 days to put the event together, which is not long. We actively reached out to the AMD partners this time to give as many as we could the opportunity to get in front of HardOCP readers. Bottom line is, you guys are "the ones" that buy all the computer hardware, and are "the ones" that tell everyone else what to buy. HardOCP readers are the top of the computer hardware food chain. That said, we had no issue at all with having sponsors on deck to talk to you directly about their company’s hardware.

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All the companies that showed up last time, showed up this time as well! The GamExperience has proven to be a great place for our sponsors to interact with the actual customer base those companies are selling to. The better they understand your needs, the better those companies can make sure the products you want are being produced.

ASUS, Corsair, and Sapphire once again had staff on the GamExperience floor.

JJ and Gary with ASUS were deluged with people all day long full of questions and they were also running the Overclocking Challenge which resulted in some folks winning some very slick prizes. If you ever wanted to talk to someone about the ASUS motherboard BIOS, you missed your chance because JJ and Gary are two of the best in the business. ASUS also did not disappoint with a huge list of prizes bringing a much bigger haul at the last minute!

Corsair has always been a friend of HardOCP and Robert and the guys over there are still just incredible when it comes to actually giving back to the community that has grown its company over the years. Corsair worked the floor all day long talking to you guys and came on with a huge pile, literally a huge pallet full, of prizes to give away on stage.

Sapphire was back in action at this event as well with a presence on the floor, and Sapphire was one of the two companies that sent a lucky [H]’er home with a new Radeon HD 7970!

You can see the partial prize list below. This is not a full list as it still built up after this, but we estimate that we ended up handing out over $55,000 worth of prizes.

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