OCZ ZT Series 650W Power Supply Review

OCZ comes to us with a new "High-Performance" computer power supply that sports 650 watts along with fully modular cable management. OCZ tells us "this power supply remains rock solid and stable" under typical load environments. Will this new OCZ offering come in looking worth its $90 price tag and Bronze efficiency rating?


OCZ Technology is a company that has been around in various forms since 2000 and is most well known for marketing high performance memory modules. Like a number of other companies OCZ has diversified its offerings to include power supplies, cooling products, and even video cards at times. This diversification into the power supply field was never more obvious than when OCZ Technology acquired PC Power & Cooling intellectual properties. With this move OCZ certainly can be seen as becoming a player in the enthusiast power supply market, but OCZ's and PC Power & Cooling's approaches to power supplies have historically been diametric opposites. Today, we are reviewing our 6th OCZ power supply. This OCZ ZT 650w (OCZ-ZT650W) seems to fit more into the OCZ realm of power supply design than the "PC Power and Cooling" realm of design. Of interesting additional note about this unit today is that this power supply is produced in conjunction with Great Wall.

China Great Wall Computer Group Co. Ltd., a subsidiary of China Electronics Corporation, is a name that is not that well known to our North American readers. Great Wall was founded in 1986 and currently operates a number of companies producing products including power supplies, monitors, laptops, memory, flash products, and a laundry list of other PC and technology related products. In the power supply field, Great Wall is currently one of the largest suppliers of power supplies in the Chinese market. Its presence in North America, however, is very limited and one of the few brands we have seen using Great Wall products so far is OCZ.

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The OCZ ZT Series

Today’s OCZ ZT 650W is just the 6th power supply we have seen from OCZ proper, and, to date, it is also the smallest in capacity. The previous smallest capacity unit from OCZ to come through our reviews was the ModXStream Pro 700W. That unit was not exactly up to our standards, but the Z850M that followed it was. Taken together with our other results from looking at OCZ units, it seems that OCZ products get better with capacity. However, today, we are looking at a product that shares little in common with either of those units, except for perhaps targeting the same general market as the ModXStream Pro 700W. With OCZ once more changing OEMs, we will be interested to see if OCZ have been able to land on sure footing with this ZT 650W. Before moving on though, what does OCZ have to say about this unit today:

The ZT series is the superb choice for performance and power users who need solid, reliable PSU. With a completely modular design, ZT Series keeps your internal case environment organized by eliminating wire clutter and improves airflow by using only the cables you require. Kept supremely cool with a load-controlled 140mm fan, the OCZ ZT Series PSU was engineered to be ultra-quiet by eliminating distracting noises from your PC when working or gaming. With an 80-Plus Bronze Certification featuring up to 85% efficiency under typical load environments, this power supply remains rock solid and stable.

Now that we know what OCZ is trying to tell us about this unit, let’s move on and see what we have to look forward to when we purchase the OCZ ZT 650W power supply in terms of documentation, accessories, cable count, rail layout, output characteristics, and general build quality.