Thermalright TRUE Spirit CPU Air Cooler Review

The Cogage True Spirit CPU cooler was an instant hit with those wanting maximum degrees per dollar when looking at CPU air cooling a couple short years ago. The True Spirit is back, sans the Cogage branding, now in flying its flag under the beloved Thermalright banner that so many of us are very familiar with.


Thermalright True Spirit 140

The TRUE Spirit 140 is the larger of the two coolers and uses a larger 140mm fan which is more common these days. Its weight is also greater than that of the original TRUE Spirit and closes in on the HR-02 Macho's 860 grams. In fact, except for its weight and width, the TRUE Spirit 140 has larger dimensions than the HR-02 Macho.

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Package & Specs

The True Spirit 140 uses similar packaging s the 120 does but with the color blue to differentiate itself from its smaller sibling.

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Dimensions: (L) 155mm x (W) 53mm x (H) 170mm

Weight: 800g (Without fan or mounting bracket)

Heatpipes: 6 - 6mm pipes



  • LGA 1366
  • LGA 1155
  • LGA 775
  • AMD

  • FM1
  • AM2
  • AM3
  • Fan:

  • Size: 160mm x 140mm x 26.5mm
  • Speed: 900-1300 RPM
  • Air Flow: 56-73 CFM
  • Noise Level: 19-21 dBA
  • Contents & Flatness

    The contents of the TS140 are identical to the 120 with the exception of additional fan brackets. As mentioned in the prior page, the install kit is very secure and able to provide more than enough

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    The base of the TS140 is flat but has a different polishing job than the 120. A mirror finish does not aid in heat transfer so it’s not a huge difference. Though, if I had to take a guess I would say this base provides a little bit better heat transfer due to the micro ridges.


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    Installation & Contact

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