AMD "Bulldozer" FX Model 8150 CPU Overclocking Preview

If you are wondering how well the new AMD FX CPU will overclock, you are not alone. AMD let us have some behind-the-scenes access a couple of weeks ago and is now allowing us to show off the results. We shot a lot of video and show you AMD FX overclocking on water, phase change, and liquid nitrogen.

AMD FX Overclocking Preview

AMD had us and a few others down to its Austin, Texas offices a couple of weeks ago and gave us quite and overclocking show with its new FX processors. We carried our cameras along in hopes to give you a front row seat at the event and hopefully whet your appetite for AMD's upcoming FX CPUs. I personally left the event feeling more positive about the upcoming FX than I have in a long time. While we can't tell you about actual performance and IPC, we can show you what the CPU is capable of in the hands of some very skilled overclockers.

The video below will outline overclocking the AMD FX 8150 with a simple water setup, then phase change and finally liquid nitrogen. All three configurations are impressive.

AMD FX overclocking at its finest! If the enthusiasts can in fact expect mid-4GHz overclocks with the lesser priced model 8120 processors using aggressive air and sealed water cooling configurations, I would suggest AMD will possibly do good at satisfying many of those waiting on its 8-core processors for so long now.