VisionTek 700W Power Supply Review

VisionTek, once know solely by enthusiasts for its Made-in-the-USA video cards, now just a former shell of itself, has been quietly diversifying its business to help its bottom line. Today we look at a 700 watt VisionTek power supply that we saw being sold on special and decided to pick one up for ourselves and put it in the grinder. Quality buy or pig sty?


VisionTek has been a provider of video cards since 1988, in retail under the Xtasy brand name. At one point in their history they were not only a retail brand but a respected reference card manufacturer that serviced numerous brands and PC OEM’s alike. However, some time ago now the company was liquidated and new owners continued the VisionTek and Xtasy branding but no longer as an actual board manufacturer. Since that time, VIsionTek has also branched out into a number of other areas including peripherals, TV Tuners, accessories, and importantly power supplies. Early examples of VisionTek power supplies were Topower rebranded units. Today, however, with Topower no longer the power supply OEM that they once were and a rebrander of their own VisionTek’s new power supply offerings seem to no longer Topower builds. Indeed, while today’s VisionTek 700W carries a Topower UL number, it is actually built by Leadman Electronics Co/Zhao Li Electronics Co., Ltd.

Leadman Electronics is an older power supply OEM having been founded in 1983, however it seems that at some point recently they have become involved in a new venture by the name of Zhao Li Electronics Co., Ltd. However, age and experience does not always result in quality as Leadman products have almost universally been on the extreme low end of product quality. Users are likely not familiar with Leadman as a name themselves, as they do not have product distribution in the US market under their own branding, but they can be found providing OEM services for Powmax, Diablotek, ATADC, and Chiefmax among others. For these reasons, today’s review is of intense interest, or dread. Those two are sometimes hard to tell apart for me.

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Vision of Your Power Supply Future?

While VisionTek has been a provider of video solutions that we have covered for some time now, today is the first time we have taken a look at their power supply offerings. Currently, they offer a range of products that go from 400W to 1000W with today’s 700W model falling right in the middle of their offerings. This 700W level is close to the low-middle end of what many enthusiasts look for when buying new products and is a segment that requires not only good performance, but good pricing as seemingly all of the big players in the enthusiast realm field product that this unit will compete with. Not only have that, but the products that inhabit this realm have been steadily getting better over the years so competition is certainly going to be stiff for today’s VisionTek 700W. With this in mind, what does VisionTek have to say about this 700W offering:


When Over-Current, Over-Voltage, or Short circuit protection is triggered the power supply will shut itself off. The device will return to normal operation when the fault has been removed and the power switch is reset.

Over-Current Protection

The power supply DC outputs are protected from supplying current above the maximum ratings and when output power is between 110%~150%. With the exception of the 5VSB output, all DC outputs are switched off in the event of an over-current on any of the DC outputs.

Over-Voltage Protection

The Over-voltage sense circuitry resides in packages that are separate from the regulator control circuitry. No single point fault is able to cause a sustained over-voltage condition on any outputs.

Short Circuit Protection

The DC outputs from this power supply are protected from damage due to faults. In the event of a short circuit on any output, all outputs will be disabled and remain so until the power supply is turned off and powered back on.

Well it looks like VisionTek doesn’t have much to say about their 700W offering so let’s move on and see what we have to look forward to when we purchase the Visiontek 700W power supply in terms of documentation, accessories, cable count, rail layout, output characteristics, and general build quality.