Topower 1000W Gold Power Supply Review

Topower steps into the big leagues with its new 1000 watt "Gold" power supply that is part of its Nano Series PSUs. You probably realize from the "1000W" and "Gold" in the name that Topower thinks very highly of its new non-modular beast. We put it to the test and see if it is gold as Topower would have you believe.


Topower Computer Industrial Co., Ltd has been a large supplier of PSUs under both its own label and through contract production for other brands since 1986. Topower can be found providing OEM services for a number of brands including various Tagan, BFG, Mushkin, ePower, and Spire products among a number of others. When new higher wattage power supplies start hitting the market Topower can usually be found among them. However, being early to market isn't always a blessing and at times Topower units have struggled and other times these have succeeded. This is most easily seen in our ABS/Tagan ITZ1300 review, our Tagan BZ1300 review, ePower JuiceBox 450W and our previous Topower PowerBird Series reviews. Today we are looking at the latest series of power supplies from Topower, the G version of the Nano series. However, while at one time being an actual OEM of power supplies, today’s Topower 1000W Gold (TOP-1000WG) is produced by Andyson, not Topower.

Andyson is a company that end users may or may not be familiar with as they do not have a retail presence in North America but they have provided the basis for a number of power supplies from Hiper, Sunbeamtech, Sigma, BFG, In Win and others. Most notably, Ultra used Andyson for a number of its power supplies including members of its X-Pro line of branded power supplies (X-Pro 600w EE), the X3 series (X3 600W, X3 1000W and X3 1600W), and X4 (X4 850W and X4 1050W) which like all of our other experiences with Andyson represent a grab bag of results ranging from good to awful.

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1000K Gold?

The Topower 1000W Gold is the first ATX power supply from Topower we have seen under the Topower brand in quite some time. Now continuing down the list of firsts, it is also the first ATX power supply from Topower that we have reviewed that is not being sold under the PowerBird line and it is the first Topower branded power supply that we have seen that was not actually built buy Topower. Given that Topower is/was an OEM of power supplies and they have switched to up to rebranding other OEMs products, we are particularly interested in this new Topower 1000W gold unit and what Topower has to say about it:

آ• Form Factor: ATX12V 2.3

آ• Maximum Wattage: 1000W

آ• 120mm Long Life Nano Bearing Cooling Fan

آ• Active PFC

آ• Auto AC switch

آ• Low Ripple and noise

آ• Output over voltage protection

آ• Short circuit protection on all outputs

آ• Approved by UL, TUV, CB, CE, FCC, RoHs Compliant

آ• 100% Hi-Pot Tested

آ• 3 year warranty

OK, Topower doesn’t have much to say about its new 1000W Gold so let’s move on and see what we have to look forward to when we purchase the Topower 1000W Gold power supply in terms of documentation, accessories, cable count, rail layout, output characteristics, and general build quality.