Kingston HyperX SSD 240GB & 120GB SSD Storage Review

Kingston's move into the SandForce SSD market is great news for the consumer. With its new HyperX branded solid state drives in hand, we take a look at these amazingly fast SSDs and examine if an SSD from Kingston should be on your short list for your next storage purchase.


Kingston Technology has offered solid state drive products for several years now. The company started off strong with an Intel X-25 series drive that equaled the highest levels of performance available at the time. Since then Kingston has focused on mainstream products based on controllers from JMicron and Toshiba. These products featured low read access times but fell short on sequential transfer performance and write IOPS when compared to leading enthusiast products shipping from other manufacturers.

Mainstream SSDs have a place in the market but should cost less than "flagship" SSDs. Unfortunately this was a problem with many of Kingston’s solid state drive offerings; the performance was mainstream but the price wasn’t.

Since its release, SandForce controller based drives have dominated the high performance SSD market. With so many manufacturers competing on price, the cost has squeezed the mainstream SSD market tightly. Manufactures of products based on other controller designs felt the pinch and were forced to either accept very low margins or offer products that sold on name recognition alone.

If You Can’t Beat'Em, Join'Em

At CES in January of this year Kingston announced its entry to the Team SandForce club. Two short weeks ago, Kingston started shipping its HyperX SSDs. This was a big win for SandForce and for all consumers since Kingston is a large company that competes on the global market. The competition portion has us excited since Kingston has the ability to take extremely fast SandForce based products into new price tiers since Kingston produces such a large quantity of each product. SandForce based products are already some of the lowest priced SSDs on the market but offer a larger margin of performance for the user compared to competing drives based on other controllers. If Kingston sets its sites on becoming the largest producer of SandForce products then things will get very interesting on the price front.

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Kingston also has a reputation for including some of the best add-on packages with its solid state drives and the HyperX SSD is no exception. Cables and brackets are provided in HyperX bundles as well as a full software in some others. Support after the sale is also a strong suit for Kingston as well as a solid 3 year warranty that is provided with every retail HyperX SSD sold.

The Kingston HyperX SSD is currently shipping in 120GB and 240GB capacity sizes. Each capacity size is available in two flavors, drive only, and an "upgrade kit." Today we’re looking at the Upgrade Kit models in both available capacities, 120GB and 240GB.