Corsair Hydro Series H60 Liquid CPU Cooler Review

Corsair's H60 liquid CPU cooler comes to us with different technology than we saw with its H50 and H70 as Corsair has switched up supply sources. Corsair is touting a micro-channel cold plates and a split-flow designed manifolds. But, will it blend?


Corsair H60

Companies updating its products is nothing new but what is surprising here is how quickly Corsair updated its Hydro line. We reviewed the performance of the H50 back in September of last year, a mere six months ago. So what sort of updates does the H60 bring? For starters, we no longer have the round peg and rectangular hole issue (The rectangular block of the H60 matches better to the rectangular shape of CPUs). Secondly, the inside of the H60's CPU block has been improved with a micro channel design.

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Package & Specs

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Dimensions: (Radiator) (L) 152mm x (W) 120mm x (H) 27mm


Material: Aluminum Radiator / Copper Cold Plate



  • LGA 1366
  • LGA 1156
  • LGA 1155
  • LGA 775
  • AMD

  • AM2
  • AM3
  • Fan:

  • Size: 120mm x 25mm
  • Speed: 1700 RPM
  • Airflow: 74.4 CFM
  • Noise: 30.2dBA
  • Contents

    Similar to the H50 and H70 before it, the H60 comes neatly wrapped in molded cardboard and sealed inside plastic wrapping.

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    Unlike the two that preceded it, the H60 has far fewer accessories required to install it thanks to its improved design.


    Here are a few shots of the H60 from various angles.

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    Installation & Contact

    As briefly mentioned before, the H60 is a breeze to install. Because part of the mounting bracket is now attached to the CPU block we have one less piece to handle when installing the unit. All told, once I started the process it took little more than five minutes to install the unit.

    You will still need access to the back of the motherboard which can be a pain if your case does not offer an open back panel. Because our case does, I was not required to remove the motherboard which saved a lot of time as well.

    Once installed there is lots of clear space around the CPU area due to the low profile block of the H60. Overall, the installation experience with the H60 was incredibly easy and on par with what you would encounter with a high-end air cooler.

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    As seen in the above image, pressure is spread across the base of the CPU block evenly. This allows for better transfer of heat between the CPU and the H60.

    Let’s see how this unit fares in our battery of tests.