ASUS EAH6950 & ENGTX570 DirectCU II Vid Card Review

ASUS has released two enthusiast friendly overclocking video cards: the EAH6950 DirectCU II and the ENGTX570 DirectCU II. The question is which one is better, and does overclocking these change the victor. We test each out of the box and overclocked in Lost Planet 2, F1 2010, Civilization V, and Battlefield Bad Company 2.


Evaluation Method

We evaluate what each video card configuration can supply us in terms of a playable gaming experience while supplying the best culmination of resolution and "eye candy" graphical settings. We focus on quality and immersion of the gameplay experience rather than how many frames per second the card can get in a canned benchmark or prerecorded timedemo situation that often do not represent real gameplay like you would experience at home . Then we will follow with apples-to-apples testing based on real gameplay as well.

System Test Setup

For our test system platform we are using an ASUS Blitz Formula motherboard with an Intel Core 2 Extreme QX9650 processor at 3.66GHz, and 4GB of OCZ Technology DDR2 PC2-8000 Platinum. For the power supply, we will be using a Corsair TX750W.

We use the 3.6GHz overclocked quad-core processor in an attempt to keep from putting our evaluation into a position of being CPU limited. Obviously, we make every effort to not use CPU limited games for video card evaluations, but the 3.6GHz processor seems to put many peoples’ minds at ease when it comes to that subject.

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For this evaluation Windows 7 x64 RTM will be used. We are using the latest drivers, Catalyst 11.4 preview, for the ASUS EAH6950 DirectCU II. For the ASUS ENGTX570 DirectCU II we are using ForceWare 267.24 Beta which was the latest version at the time this evaluation was conducted.

Below is the GPU-Z screenshot of the ASUS EAH6950 DirectCU II and the ASUS ENGTX570 DirectCU II after we installed the drivers.

ASUS EAH6950 DirectCU II

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