AMD Radeon HD 6990 "Antilles" Sneek Peek Pictures

A quick follow up to our weekend article on the new AMD Radeon HD 6990 GPU, code named "Antilles." We share a few more pictures with you.

Radeon 6990 Pictures

As you might have seen on Saturday, we gave you a quick glimpse into the world of AMD's current generation dual GPU video card. While we are still embargoed on sharing details and specifications, we did you a quick and dirty comparison to the Radeon 6970 video card. There is no doubt about the Radeon 6990 being "very real."

Today we are getting to share with you a few more pictures of the Radeon 6990 so you can see it "in the flesh."

We are still limited to what we can show you, but we can give you a basic look at the cards exterior points that we think are important.

Article Image Article Image Article Image

Above you can see an overall look at the enormity of the Radeon 6990. It is a dual slot card that has quite a bit of length. While we cannot tell you the overall dimensions, an astute reader should be able to figure out this out with the scale of the card referenced. The back plane contains a single DVI and 4 mini-DisplayPort outs. This card will natively support 5x1 Eyefinity that we begged AMD for. And finally the PCIe power connectors that will clue you in to what you will need power-wise to run this beast.

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