Xigmatek NRP-MC1002 1000W Power Supply Review

Xigmatek once again comes out swinging in the 1 kilowatt PSU arena. This is not an easy level to perform out, but you have to give Xigmatek credit for again trying. Will its new "Go Green" PSU be up to the task of our gauntlet?


The Xigmatek brand is one of the newer faces in the enthusiast DIY market having been launched in 2005. However, Xigmatek’s parent company may be more familiar to the storage minded individuals as Micro Technology Concepts, Inc. or MTC Direct which has been around since 1989. With the establishment of the Xigmatek brand Micro Technology Concepts, Inc. has expanded into some new niches as they now brand products that include CPU coolers, VGA coolers, fans, and power supplies. Having moved away from its roots of distributing storage products Xigmatek initially chose Channel Well Technology as its OEM partner for the NRP series of power supplies. Today, we have the 5th Xigmatek branded unit in for review, the Xigmatek NRP-MC1002 (CPH-1000K-C02). However, unlike their earlier units from the 'No Rules Power" line which were produced in conjunction with CWT, this particular Xigmatek unit is produced in conjunction with HEC.

HEC Group (Heirochi Electric Corporation)/Compucase Enterprise CO LTD is one of the oldest companies in the consumer SMPS business having been founded in 1979. By 1989 HEC had moved into case production, and then in 1997 they began producing SMPS. Today, HEC is one of the largest manufacturers of SMPS and their products can be found under the HEC brand, the CompuCase brand, and the Cougar brand (all of which are retail arms of HEC). In addition to its own brands, HEC has supplied power supplies in the past for Antec, Thermaltake, Xigmatek, and others. Generally, HEC has been known for its entry to mid level products but with the launch of some of their newer lines under the Cougar brand and Xigmatek we are interested in seeing if they have moved into the high end enthusiast realm.

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Is the MC the Star of the Show?

The Xigmatek NRP-MC1002 is the 5th power supply that we have seen from Xigmatek as well as being the second power supply from Xigmatek at the 1000W output level. However, the last 1000W unit we saw from Xigmatek was way back in September 2008 and in those more than 2 years a lot of things have changed in the enthusiast power supply market. The key for Xigmatek today will be has a lot changed in their 1000W offering as that unit, the NRP-HC1001, was perhaps the least impressive CWT PUC based unit we have seen. With today’s NRP-MC1002 we already know that Xigmatek has at least started to change directions by dropping the CWT PUC platform, and is instead going with HEC to produce their new 1000W unit. How big of a change this represents we will see in a few moments, but first what does Xigmatek have to say about this new unit:

Xigmatek new MC series upgrades with 12V solid state capacitors, 12V single rail and DC to DC circuit design. New MC series provides more powerful, more efficient, and more stable output for extreme gaming users. Keeps "GO GREEN" environment-protecting concept with recycled material package and 80Plus Bronze certification.

Let’s move on now so we can see what we can expect when a user purchases Xigmatek NRP-MC10002 1000W power supply in retail in terms of documentation, accessories, cable count, rail layout, output characteristics, and general build quality.