Diablotek PHD650 650W Power Supply Review

There is no better mix than the Devil and technology, but that aside, how the devil does that work out for power supplies? We aim to find out and as we all know, when it comes to PSUs, the devil is in the details. Surely this PSU is straight from Hell.


Diablotek is a relatively new face in the enthusiast DIY market having claimed to be founded in 2003. We have heard little from this company until recently when its products began showing up in e-tail and retail settings. As a company, Diablotek maintains lines of various peripherals, cases, UPSs, and power supplies. It is Diablotek's power supply market that we are most interested in today, not least of which is due to the sheer volume of these units we have seen lately. Diablotek's power supply offerings are currently in three lines; models DA, PHD, and RPM. These lines cover products ranging from 250 watt PSUs through to 1200 watt units. With today's review we are going to focus in on its "PHD" series, and in particular its 650W PHD650 (PHD650) which is produced in conjunction with Golden Tiger.

Dongguan Golden Tiger Electronic Technology Co., Ltd is a name that is perhaps not very familiar to most people. Largely, this is due to the fact that Golden Tiger is a relatively new company having been founded at the end of 2006. Currently, it provides a number of value oriented designs that have largely not been available in North America but rather have had its products distributed mostly in Asia and parts of Europe. However, recently its products have begun to become available under the "3R System" and "Diablotek" brands. As this company is a relatively new and unknown company to North America it is of great interest to see how its products perform starting with this Diablotek PHD650.

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The Devil is in the Details

The Diablotek PHD650 is the first Diablotek power supply we have reviewed that represents a company that is a relative newcomer to the consumer SMPS market. However, recently Diablotek products have begun popping up in large numbers not just in e-tail, but also across retail shelves alongside more established brands. While most of the reviews you see done here on HardOCP are from established brands, we have been seeing enough of these "new" units that we decided these needed looking into as well, starting with the Diablotek.

As such, we are looking at the PHD650 today to see what this relative newcomer has to offer as it goes directly up against a number of entrenched brands that currently dominate this product segment. Since the product page for the PHD650 and Diablotek website in general are completely devoid of advertising and product placement information for this unit, let’s move on now so we can see what we can expect when a user purchases Diablotek PHD650 650W power supply in retail in terms of documentation, accessories, cable count, rail layout, output characteristics, and general build quality.