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Today's Hard|Forum Post

NZXT HALE90 750W Power Supply Review

Today we look at our first NZXT power supply. Many of you might be familiar with the brand name due to its reach into the computer chassis space. Does NZXT bring to market a computer power supply worthy of your hard earned dollars?


NZXT Corporation is a relative new comer to the DIY enthusiast market having been incorporated in 2004. To date, the company is best known for its wide range of chassis that stretch from the simple and understated to the eye-poppingly garish. At the same time, NZXT has maintained and expanded an increasing line of other peripherals, input devices, and power supplies. Today, we are looking at our first power supply from NZXT and it comes from its newest line, the HALE90 series. The specific unit we are looking at today is the 750W model (HALE90-750-M), and is produced in conjunction with partner SuperFlower.

SuperFlower Computer Inc is a name that may or may not be familiar to most of our US readers, but as a company SuperFlower has been designing and producing power supplies, and chassis, since 1991. In 2006, it expanded with the establishment of a new subsidiary factory, Jing Hua Co., Ltd, now handling its increased power supply production. While SuperFlower has not been a high profile OEM in the US, some of its products can be found branded by TTGI, MadDog Media, Kingwin, NZXT, and occasionally SuperFlower. One of the distinguishing points spearheaded by SuperFlower units was the inclusion of some of the first 140mm fans, and while normally not found as the OEM behind ultra high end brands SuperFlower has typically made good budget oriented offerings.

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Hale to the Chief?

Today we are looking at our very first review product from NZXT. To date, NZXT has been best known for its "interesting" array of chassis more than its power supply offerings. However, with the HALE90 series of power supplies it seems as if NZXT has taken a serious step towards being a competitive player in the power supply market. This is a very competitive market that over the last few years has seen a number of big name companies come and go from it as many were unsuccessful in getting a good foot hold in the market. Will the HALE90 series offer NZXT a real shot at establishing a foot hold in this competitive landscape? Before, moving on to find out let's see what NZXT has to say for these units:

NZXT introduces the 80+ gold certified HALE90 series built from the ground up specifically customized for gamers and enthusiasts and offers incredibly efficient operation that will meet the needs of even the most power hungry enthusiasts.

Let's move on now and hope that NZXT is going with the "let the product do the talking" approach. First we will look at what we can expect when a user purchases NZXT HALE90 750W power supply in retail in terms of documentation, accessories, cable count, rail layout, output characteristics, and general build quality.